Census: Texas Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1860 TX Travis Merrittown 240B Sedgwick J B
1870 TX Ellis Milford 332A Graves Henry
1870 TX Fort Bend Richmond 579A Sedwich William
1870 TX Goliad Goliad 393B Sedgewick Emma
        394A Smith Cornelius
1870 TX Harris Houston 5 625 Sedgicke James M
1870 TX Madison Madisonville 317 Segwicks Andrew
1870 TX Travis Austin 204 Sedgwick James B
1870 TX Williamson Georgetown 385 Sedwick Dick
1880 TX Aransas Precincts 1 & 2 271D Sedgwick T S
1880 TX Atascosa Precinct 4 329B Sedgwick Mary
1880 TX Collin Precinct 1 45D Sedgwick B
1880 TX Denton Precinct 3 97D Finley James
1880 TX Ellis Pct 4 486 Sedgwick Robert
1880 TX Galveston Galveston 85C Seymour Matt
        107C Gaffney John
        117C Alstram Helman
1880 TX Harris Houston 46A Sedgwick Cullen W
1880 TX Henderson Goshen 152C Young H C
1880 TX Jack Precinct 2 21B Etter John H
1880 TX McLennan Waco 25A Sedwick Robert A
      Waco 28B Sedwick C Z
      Waco 48A Sedwick W B
      Waco 73C Sedwick -
      ED 116 222A Sedwick William
      ED 120 278A Sedwick J F
1880 TX Montgomery Precinct 4 81B Sedrick John (b)
1880 TX Nueces Nuecestown 36B Walker Mary E
      Corpus Christi 43C Page S H
1880 TX San Saba Precinct 5 430A Sedwick James
1880 TX Smith Tyler 111A Sedwick J W
1880 TX Tom Green Precinct 2 401C Milligan James
1880 TX Williamson Precinct 1 440B Sedwick Dick (b)
          Sedwick Rose (b)
1900 TX Atascosa Precinct 4 260A Hennes Julia
        261A Williams William
1900 TX Bell Temple 116A Sedwick S C
1900 TX Brazoria Precinct 5 86A Sedwick Charles Z
1900 TX Briscoe Precinct 1 30B Sedgwick Robert
1900 TX Caldwell ED 116 25A Pallord William
          Sedwick Pearl
      ED 118 68A Sedwick Annie
      ED 124 172B Sedwick Alfred P
1900 TX Edwards Precinct 1 296B Young Henry C
          Young Henry C (Jr)
        301B Young Edward S
1900 TX Galveston Galveston 126A Sedwick Edward
        128A Carwell John
          Elfstrum Mary
          Sedwick Helma
        128B Seamore Matt
      Galveston 159A Sedgwick John R
      Galveston 203A Sedgwick William
1900 TX Grayson Whitewright 100B Groves Alphonzo
1900 TX Harris Houston 183A Sedgwick Cullen
        1-182B Ward Elijah C
1900 TX Jefferson Precinct 2 123A Sedgwick J T
1900 TX McLennan Waco 238A Sedwick J F
      Waco 124A Goodman Forest E
1900 TX Nueces ED 135 197B Sedwick K G
      Alice 206B Sedwick John
        214B Clark Sam
      ED 136 216A Sedwick J B
1900 TX Shackelford Precinct 3 23A Sedwick W A
          Sedwick John F, Jr
1900 TX Waller ED 218 72A Sedrick Johnnie
1900 TX Williamson ED 121 26A Sedrick Mose
      Georgetown 43B Sedwick John
1900 TX Wise Precinct 14 282B Sedgwick Mat
1910 TX Anderson Palestine 120A Sedgwick George
1910 TX Bell Belton 75A Sedgwick Ethel
      Temple 125B Sedwick Sam
1910 TX Brazoria Alvin 65A Sedwick Charles C
1910 TX Briscoe Precinct 1 281A Sedgwick Robert
1910 TX Coleman Coleman 32A Sedwick Robert D
1910 TX Coryell Gatesville 41A Sedwick Annie D
1910 TX Dallas Dallas 106A Sedwick William A
1910 TX Dewitt Precinct 3 168B Williams W L
      Yoakum 227A Sedwick George
1910 TX Edwards Precinct 1 2-59B Young Harry C
1910 TX Fannin Precinct 3 2-286 Groves A L
1910 TX Galveston Galveston 37A Sedgwick Hilma ?
        76A/B Sedgwick John R
        178A Seymour Matthew
        185A Caldwell John
        195A Sedgwick William J
          Seymore Ellen
1910 TX Grayson Bells 9B Sedgwick Alvin
      Precinct 3 229B Lamb E J
1910 TX Harris Houston 217A Sedgwick Sarah E
        91B Sedgwick Charles D
        151B Sedwick John A
1910 TX Hemphill Precinct 4 2-40B Segwick Daniel
1910 TX Nueces Kingsville 178A Sedwick James G
        [274] Ragland Sarah V
          Sedwick Mary E
      ED107 216A Sedwick James
1910 TX Runnels Ballinger 77B Sedgwick Albert J
1910 TX Scurry Precinct 3 68B Sedgwick Matthew A
1910 TX Shackelford Precinct 1 242A Sedwick John F
1910 TX Travis Austin 133A/B Sedwick Alfred P
1910 TX Wharton Precinct 5 192B Sedgwick Barn (b)
1910 TX Williamson Precinct 1 266A Hardman John (b)
          Sedwick Mary (b)
      Precinct 3 112B Sedwick Mose (b)
      Precinct 4 2B Sedwick Price
1920 TX Anderson Palestine 103B Sedwick Charlie L
1920 TX Bexar San Antonio 73B Sedwick Alfred P
          Sedwick Grover
        171B-172A Sedgwick Charles
      Somerset 119A Hennes Julia
1920 TX Dallas Dallas 179B Sedgwick W D
        103A Sedwick William A
1920 TX Dickens Precinct 1 140B Sidgwick M A
1920 TX Fannin Leonard 165B Groves A L
1920 TX Galveston Galveston 36A Sedgwick Hilma
        85B Caldwell John
        162A Sedgwick William J
        123B Sedgwick John B
        174A Sedgwick John
1920 TX Grayson Precinct 3 78A-B Sedgwick A C
1920 TX Harris Houston 263A Sedwick John W
        60B Sedgwick Georgia
1920 TX Hidalgo Donna 1A Williams William L
1920 TX Hill Precinct 3 214A Sedwick Lida Mae
1920 TX Kleberg Kingsville 20A Sedwick Sarah
        66A Sedwick James G
      Precinct 2 77B Sedwick J B
      Precinct 4 98A Sedwick John
1920 TX Lavaca Yoakum 274B Sedwick Charles A
1920 TX Montgomery Precinct 4 166A Sedwick Willie?
1920 TX Tarrant Fort Worth 219A Sedgwick Charles T
1920 TX Travis Austin 118A Sedwick Ray
1920 TX Uvalde Sabinal 216B Sedgwick W A
1920 TX Williamson ED 169 104A Sedwick John
1930 TX Anderson Palestine 68B Sedwick George
1930 TX Bexar Precinct 7 159A Williams Wm
1930 TX Brazoria Alvin 80A Sedwick Mary M
1930 TX Dallas Dallas 170A Sedgwick Wilbur D Jr
        123A Sedgwick Priscilla
1930 TX Dickens Precinct 1 207B Sedgwick Claude L
          Cook Andrew W
          Sedgwick Mathew L
          Sedgwick James R
          Sedgwick Arthur
1930 TX Galveston Galveston 16A Sedgwick John B
        33B Sedgwick Hilma M
        88A Sedgwick Michael M
        102A Capman Dorothy
        252A Sedgwick John
1930 TX Kleberg Precinct 2 269B Sedwick James B
1930 TX Lubbock Precinct 2 299A Sedgwick Alvin
1930 TX Tarrant Fort Worth 201B Sedgwick Charles
Complete: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
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