Census: Wyoming Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1900 WY Sweetwater Rock Springs 2-68A Sedgwick John
1910 WY Converse Webster 25 Sedgwick Anthony
          Sedgwick Leonard?
    Natrona West Casper 035 Sedgwick Agnes
1910 WY Weston District 7 2-226A Coy Michael
      Newcastle 286 Sedgwick John
1920 WY Niobrara District 3 223A Sedgwick A W
1920 WY Park District 4 85A Sedgwick Richard P
1920 WY Weston Newcastle 211B Sedgwick John
1930 WY Laramie Cheyenne 72B Sedgwick David L
1930 WY Niobrara Warren 64A Smith Everett M Z
          Sedgwick A W
1930 WY Sweetwater Rock Springs 57A Sedgwick Jack H
1930 WY Weston Hampshire 212A Donaldson Robert C
      Newcastle 228A Sedgewick John
        231A Sedgwick Harry L
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