Census: Indiana Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1820 IN Monroe   119 Sedwick John
1820 IN Wayne   201 Sedgwick Richard
1830 IN Greene   180 Sedgewick Mary
1830 IN Marion Center Twp 179 Sedwick Simeon
      Perry Twp 189 Sedwick Scipio
      Wayne Twp 206 Sed John
1830 IN Monroe   155 Sedwick John
        159 Kirby Archibald
1830 IN Union   256 Sedgwick Richard
1840 IN Boone   160 Sedwick Simeon
1840 IN Carroll   411 Sedrick Lawrence
1840 IN Decatur   469 Sheduck John
1840 IN Hendricks     Shadwick James
1840 IN Monroe   92 Sedwick John
          Kirby Archibald
1840 IN Owen Washington Twp 177 Sedwick Matilda
1840 IN Union   545 Sedgrick Richard
        601 Segwick Richard
1850 IN Allen Lake Twp 162 Sedgwick John
1850 IN Boone District No 7 179 Sedwick Cepio
        179 Sedwick Simeon
1850 IN Dearborn Manchester Twp 355 Shedrick John
1850 IN Franklin Springfield 377 Sedgewick Mathew
1850 IN Hancock Harrison Twp 242A/B Casteel Jesse
1850 IN Huntington Dist 52 81 Sedrick David
1850 IN Marion Indianapolis 217B Vance Lawrence M
          Sedwick Rebecca
1850 IN Monroe Richland Twp 247 Sedwick Biddy
          Sedwick John
      Ellettsville 253 Whitesell James
          Sedwick Theodore
1850 IN Shelby Brandywine 362 Sedgwick Robert
1850 IN Steuben Orland Village 137A Sedwick Chloa
1850 IN Sullivan Hadden Twp 218 Sedgewood Wesley
      Hadden Twp 202A Akin Ransom W
1850 IN Union Center Twp 311 Shedwick Charles
        345 Smith John
1850 IN Wayne Boston Twp 133 Sedgwick John
        130 Druley Levi
1860 IN Allen Wayne Twp 963 Sedweick John
1860 IN Boone Union Twp 997 Sedwick Simeon
        1008 Sedwick Scepio
1860 IN Dearborn Lawrenceborugh 88 Sedwick Doll
      Aurora 404 Paramour Stephen
1860 IN Franklin Brookville Twp 179 Sedwick Clare
1860 IN Jasper Marion Twp 839 Sedgwick Theodore
1860 IN Johnson White River Twp 411 Sedgwick Ellen
1860 IN Madison Fall Creek Twp 372 Sedrick John F
      Duck Creek Twp 242A/B Casteel Jesse
1860 IN Marion Indianapolis 12 Seidgwick Dennis
1860 IN Monroe Richland Twp 532 Sedwick John
        532 Sedwick James
1860 IN Randolph Stony Creek Twp 630 Sedworth William C
1860 IN St Joseph German Twp 372 Sedgwick Jonathan
1860 IN Shelby Brandywine Twp 702 Sedgewick Mathew
1860 IN Union Liberty 308 Sedgwick Charles
        310 Sidgwick Rebecca
1860 IN Wayne Boston Twp 462 Sedgwick John
1870 IN Allen Fort Wayne 243A Sedgwick John
1870 IN Boone Union Twp 243B Sedwick James
          Sedwick Sipio
        247B Abbott John W
        248A Sedwick Nancy
        251 Sedwick Phebe
      Marion Twp 179B Sedwick Vance
1870 IN Cass Logansport 68A Deacon George W
1870 IN Floyd New Albany 429 Sedgewick Thomas D
1870 IN Greene Jefferson Twp 383A Sedwick Theodore H
1870 IN Jackson Seymour 454 Sedgwick Joseph
1870 IN Marion Indianapolis 109 Sedwick Augusta
        158 Sedgwick Roderick
        197A Sedgwick Roderick
        249B Sedgwick Philip
1870 IN Monroe Richland Twp 425A Sedwick J E
        428A Sedwick James B
1870 IN Pulaski Rich Grove 498B Sedgwick Charley
1870 IN Ripley Shelby Twp 236B Sedwick William
1870 IN Scott Jennings Twp 37 Sedgwick A J
1870 IN Shelby Brandywine Twp 142 Sedgwick Mathew
      Shelbyville 291B Sedswick John
1870 IN St. Joseph German Twp 258B Sedgwick DeWitt
1870 IN Union Liberty Twp 29B Sedwick Rebecca
1870 IN Wayne Boston Twp 255A Sedgwick John
1880 IN Boone Marion Twp 15 Sedgwick Laurence V
        25 Sedwick James H
1880 IN Floyd New Albany Twp 214D Sedgewick C T
1880 IN Hendricks Brown Twp 418 Sedwick Nancy
1880 IN Jackson Seymour 36 Sedgwick Joseph
1880 IN Marion Indianapolis 65 Sedwick James B
      Wayne 435B Sedgwick A J
1880 IN Monroe Ellettsville 30 Sedwick John E
1880 IN Morgan Paragon 6 Sedwick Theodore
1880 IN Ripley Johnson 444B Sedwick William T
1880 IN Shelby Brandywine Twp 176D Sedgwick M
          Sedgwick Matthew
          Ham Mitchel
        184C Williams Gilbert
      Shelbyville 279B Sedgwick John R
1880 IN Sullivan Carlisle 598C Akin Ransom W
1880 IN Union Liberty 57C Deacon George W
1880 IN Wayne Richmond 458C Sedgwick John
        395B Sedgwick Isham
        271C Smith John
        455B Druley Levi
1900 IN Allen Fort Wayne 243A Dittoe Albert J
1900 IN Marion Indianapolis 315A Sedwick James B
1900 IN Shelby Shelbyville 19B Sedgwick Sarah
        20B Sedgwick Clara
      Brandywine 96A Sedgwick Riley S
        103B Sedgwick Martha
1900 IN St Joseph South Bend 90B Sedgwick De Witt
1910 IN St Joseph South Bend 91AB Segwick Dewitt
1920 IN Marion Indianapolis 174A Sedwick Thomas
1930 IN Rush Center Twp 29 Sedgewick Lebert

Complete: 1820, 1830, 1840 1850, 1860, 1870

Richard Sedgwick appears to have been be the first Sedgwick in Indiana. He arrived in Wayne County about 1806 from England. All the Sedgwicks in Wayne County through 1880 appear to be his descendnats.

The 1810 census records for Indiana were among the records lost when the British burned Washington DC during the War of 1812.

Whatever the 1812 census was, a Thomas Sedgewick appears in it, NPL Militia, whatever that means. I have not found that, and have assumed because of that wokd "Militia" that he was probaly transient.

1820 is apparently the first real census of Indiana available. A that time there were only two Sedgwick/Sedwick families in Indiana, Richard and John.

John Sedwick arrived in Monroe County in April 1820 after his boat trip down the Ohio River. I haven't yet started the study of his descendants.

By 1830 we see a Mary Sedgewick (a widow ?) in Greene county. Don't know where she came from.

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