1860 Indiana St. Joseph census records

1860 Census Indiana, St. Joseph, German Twp, Film M653-295 page 372

enumerated 21 June 1860, extracted 10/30/2001 by Dennis G Sedgwick at LDS FHC LA

Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Pers Est Birthplace M<Yr
35 539 538 Sedgwick Jonathan 48 M W Farmer 5000 800 New York  
36     Sedgwick Isabell 45 F W       New York  
37     Sedgwick Dewitt 21 M W       New York  
38     Sutenberg Samuel 14 M W       Pennsylvania  
Jonathan Sedgwick (21567) and wife Isabel
appears also 1850 NY Seneca
DeWitt appears 1870 IN St Joseph, 1900 IN St Joseph AND 1900 CA Monterey, 1910 IN St Joseph
Samuel's name could be Gutenberg.

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