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Restoration, he retired to Lewisham, Kent. It will be noted that his greatest success and reputation was gained during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, who had won his reputation as a Puritan and as commander of the Invincibles or Ironsides, an army of Puritan Inthusiasts. After the death of Cromwell and. the restoration of the Crown, the Puritans were again persecuted and deprived of their Pastorates.

William Sedgwicke was a writer as well as a preacher. "His writings, quiet in tone, are not wanting in spiritual feeling and pathos." Besides two sermons before Parliament (1642-1643) he published The Leaves of the Tree of Life, 1648; Some Flashes of Lightnings of the Sonne of Man, 1648; Reprinted 1830; The Spiritual Madman - a Prophesie concerning the King, the Parliament, 1648; and several others. (See N. E. Vol. 42, p. 67-8; Bliss's Edition, Wood's Athenae Ononienses, Vol. 3, p. 894; Ath. Ox. Vol 2, p. 335; Palmer's Nonconformist Memorial, London 1778 Vol. 1, p. 243, and Newcourt's Reportorium &c., Vol 2, p. 256.)

He is called `my loving brother" in the will of Robert Houghton and was given £5.0.0 to buy a ringe with, and made an overseer. (N.E. 42, p. 66)

John Sedgwicke in his will calls him brother, and describes him as "Minister of Farnam, near Bishops Starford,' and leaves him £50.0.0 (N.E. 38, p. 206-7).

William Sedgwicke mentions in his will the following Children;

William Sedgwicke, his "only son and heir".
Susan Sedgwicke,
Mary Sedgwicke,
Daughter, who married Nicholas Ashton.
Daughter, who married Timotheus Van Vleteran.
Daughter, who married Nath. James.
Daughter, who married Francis Commins.
Mary Houghton, Sister.
Zach Sedgwicke, Nephew.

JOHN SEDGWICKE, of the Parish of St. Saviors, Southwark, in the County of Surrey, brewer, son of William Sedgwicke and Elizabeth Lowe (or Howe), was born at Woburn, Bedfordshire, Eng., and baptized there June 5, 1611. He married Martha Wicke, daughter of Edward and Joan Wicke. He died between Nov. 27, 1638, the date of his will, and Dec. 5, 1638, the date it was proved.

In this will he requested to be buried in the Parish Church, of St. Saviors. To his wife was given two thousand pounds in money, and certain personal property in Barnes, County of Surrey. To his mother Elizabeth Sedgwicke, of Woburn, Bedford, widow, five hundred pounds in money.

"to ten poor Godly ministers of God's Word, the sum of L40.0.0, to be distributed at the discretion of my overseers."

"To the poor of the Parish of Woburn, in the County of Bedford, L20.0.0 &c., it being the Parish in which I was born."

As no children are mentioned in the will, he apparently had none. Bequests are however made to the following persons,