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(John Sedgwicke, Continued)

Mary Houghton, sister and wife of Robert Houghton, who with her daughter Martha, whom he calls God-daughter, were to receive £150.0.0.
William Sedgwicke, brother; `minister at Farnam near Bishops Starford" £50.0.0
Robert Sedgwicke, `loving brother' of Charlestowne, in New England, Thirtie and eight pounds, which he oweth me by bill, and forty shillings to buy him a ringe.'
Stephen Sedgwicke, uncle, and a brewer, £5.0.0.
(For will see N. E. 38, p. 206-7.)

FRANCIS SEDGWICKE, of the Parish of Somersett in London, son of William Sedgwicke, and Elizabeth Lowe.

His name does not appear in the Woburn Register, but he is called'my loving brother' in Robert Houghton's will, received £5.0.0 to buy a ringe, and was made an overseer, (N.E.42, p.66)

He married Martha, to whom letters of administration were granted, Jan. 5, 1655-6. (N.E. vol. 42, p. 6?)

In John Breedon's will, proved Oct. 21, 1685 he is called nephew, and is given £10.0.0 to buy mourning (N.E. 47, p.401-2)

It is strange that Francis Sedgwicke is not mentioned in the will of his brother John, which was probated Dec. 5, 1638.

SARAH SEDGWICKE, daughter of William Sedgwicke and Elizabeth Lowe. Sarah is frequently named as the daughter of Gen. Robert Sedgwick, but records have been found proving that she was his sister, and married Gov. John Leverett. "Nauset, Nov. 8, 1915," in "Ancestry of Descendants of Richard Saltonstall" privately printed in 1897, is to be found opposite page 150 a reproduction in heliotype of the original entries in Governor John Leverett's family Bible, in his own handwriting, of his second marriage, he speaks thus: "9th September 1647 marryed Sarah, daughter to Mrs. Elizabeth Sedgwicke the widdoe of William Sedgwicke, maryed at Louisham in Kent at the home of her brother Mr Robert Houghton."

Gov. Leverett and his second wife had several children.