Census: Tennessee Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1830 TN Gibson   245 Sedwick Salmon
1830 TN Williamson Franklin 193 Sedrick Michael
1840 TN Weakley No Twp Listed 307 Fly Elisha
          Sedwick F P
1840 TN Wilson No Twp Listed 228 Shedrick Jarman
1850 TN Knox Knoxville 102B Ristine John R
1850 TN Weakley District 9 353B Sedwick M
1860 TN Hardeman Bolivar 180A Shedrick Bettie
1860 TN Knox District 1 76B Sedgwick George
1860 TN Shelby District 4 272A Seftwick F T
1870 TN Knox Knoxville 417B Sedgwick George
1880 TN Knox Knoxville 146C Sedgwick M A
          McNichols J A
      District 2 216A Ristine J C
1880 TN Loudon District 1 353B Ristine J S
          Sedgwick T S
1880 TN Sumner District 4 57D Sedgwick Mary
1900 TN Giles District 7 116A Deacon George W
          Sedgwick John M
      District 20 308B Newman John
1900 TN Grundy District 12 187B Sedwick Cora B
1900 TN Knox Knoxville 101B Sedgwick Maggie A
        103A Sedgwick Thomas S
        48A McNichols Charles H
1900 TN Morgan District 7 159B Sedgwick William
1900 TN Shelby Memphis 105B Sedwick Carrie
1910 TN Giles District 7 116B Deacon George W
          Newman Melvin T
1910 TN Knox Knoxville 105B Sedgwick Thomas
1910 TN Morgan District 7 106B Sedgwick William H
1910 TN Tipton Covington 94A Sedgwick Wilmer E
1920 TN Coffee Tullahoma 219A Sedgwick William D
1920 TN Giles District 2 21B Newman Melville T
          Deacon Martha
1920 TN Knox Knoxville 99B Sedgwick Annie E
1920 TN Shelby Memphis 53B Sedgwick Thomas D
1930 TN Giles District 2 27A Newman George
      District 23 296A Newman Melvin T
1930 TN Knox Knoxville 43B Sedgwick Beth K
1930 TN Shelby Memphis 154A Sedgwick Pearl

Complete: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1920
no Sedgwicks before 1840
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