Census: Delaware Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1800 DE Sussex North West Fork 356 Sedgwick Joseph
1810 DE New Castle White Clay Creek 242 Chedrick William
1820 DE New Castle Brandywine 170 Sedgwick John
1820 DE Sussex Nanticoke 240 Segwich John
1830 DE Sussex Northwest Fork 173 Sedgesc John
1840 DE Sussex Northwest Fork 365 Sedgwick John
1850 DE Sussex Subdivision 11 225B Sedgwick Joseph
          Sedgwick John
1860 DE Kent Mispillian 405 Sedgwick John W
1860 DE New Castle Wilmington 447 Sedgwick Priscilla
        476 Sedgwick Albert C
1860 DE Sussex Bridgeville PO 845 Sedgwicke John
      Nanticoke 894 Sedgwicks Joseph
1870 DE Kent Mispillian 24A Sedgwick John W
      Smyrna 363B Sedgwick George F
      Kenton 304B Sedgwick George (b)
1870 DE New Castle Wilmington 207B Sedgwick William
        321A Sedgwick Persilla
1870 DE Sussex Northwest Fork 759B Sedgwick John
        760B Sedgwick Willis
      Seaford 783B Shegwick Joseph
        788A Sedgwick Howard
1880 DE Kent Mispillion 212D Sedgwick John W
      Kenton 345C Sedgwick Susan
      Ducks Creek 13D Sedgwick Laura
1880 DE New Castle Brandywine 1B Sedgewick Willis T
      Wilmington 392D Sedgwick William D
1880 DE Sussex Nanticoke 666C Sedgwick Lavinia
        671A Sedgwick Sarah
1900 DE Kent Wyoming 296A Sedgewick Carrie
      West Dover 359B Sedgwick Susan
1900 DE New Castle Wilmington 71B Sedgwick James
        215B Bayne Alice S
          Sedgwick Bessie
        304A Sedgwick Margaret
        232A Martin Franklin G
          Sedgwick Sarah E
        290A Sedgwick Lottie
      Brandywine 199B Sedgewick Harry A
1900 DE Sussex Broad Creek 266B Sedgwick Elwood
      Seaford 309B Segwick Josiah

Complete: through 1900
It appears that most of the Sedgwicks in Delaware are descendants of John Sedgwick of Sussex County (1820 - 1850 censuses), who appears to be son of Joseph Sedgwick of Sussex County (1800 census). Does anyone know their origins?
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