Census: Connecticut Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1790 ALL  Sedgwick/Sedgewick/Sedwick in 1790 Federal census
1800 CT Hartford Hartford 36 Sedgwick Ebenezer
        39 Sedgwick William
        40 Sedgwick Timothy
          Sedgwick Ebenezer
      Farmington 145 Sedgwick Stephen
      Bristol 293 Sedgwick Samuel
1800 CT Litchfield Canaan 49 Sedgwick Mary
      Cornwall 69 Sedgwick John
          Sedgwick Henry
          Sedgwick John A
1800 CT Windham Ashford 733 Sedgwick Amos
1810 CT Hartford Enfield 394 Sedgwick Ebenezar Jr
      Farmington 396 Sedgwick Cauncey
          Sedgwick Stephen
      Hartford 414 Sedgwick William
        421 Sedgwick Timothy
          Sedgwick Ebenezar
          Sedgwick Truman
1810 CT Litchfield Cornwall 181 Sedgwick John A
          Sedgwick Harry
          Sedgwick Benjamin
          Sedgwick John
1820 CT Hartford Hartford 88 Sedgwick Timothy Jr
        90 Sedgwick Zenas B
        93 Sedgwick Chauncy
        94 Sedgwick Timothy
          Sedgwick Ebenezer
        206 Willey John
      Farmington 130 Sedgwick Stephen
1820 CT Litchfield Cornwall 0409 Sedgwick Gen John
          Sedgwick Benjamin
          Sedgwick John A
          Sedgwick Widow Hannah
      Watertown 427 Sedwick Hiram
1830 CT Hartford Hartford 22 Sedgwick Samuell
      West Hartford 47 Sedgwick Timothy Jr
        49 Sedgewick Timothy
        50 Sedgwick Zenas B
          Standley Timothy
        51 Sedgwick Levi
      East Windsor 162 Sedgwick Channcy
1830 CT Litchfield Litchfield 209 Sedgwick Albert
      Cornwall 448 Sedgwick John
          Sedgwick Benjamin
          Sedgwick Hannah
      Sharon 514 Sedgwick Charles F
1830 CT New Haven Derby 310 Sedgewick Hiram
1840 CT Hartford East Windsor 258 Sedgwick Chauncy
      Hartford 270 Sedgwick Martha
      District 1 322 Sedgwick Timothy
        325 Sedgwick William
          Sedgwick Zenas B
        326 Sedgwick Levi
1840 CT Litchfield Litchfield 76 Sedgwick Theodore
        78 Sedgwick Albert
      Cornwall 216 Sedgwick Hannah
          Sedgwick John E
        217 Sedgwick Benjamin
      Sharon 284 Sedgwick Charles F
1850 CT Fairfield Norwalk 135 Sedgwick Dwight
1850 CT Hartford South Windsor 132 Rockwell Edward F
          Willey Henry B
          Sedgwick Waitstail
      Simsbury 208A Sedgwick Sarah
      Farmington 344 Churchill Henry
      Hartford 147 Sedgwick Levi
        153 Sedgwick Timothy
        154 Sedgwick Fanny
          Sedgwick William
          Sedgwick Amos
          Sedgwick Amaziah
        226 Sedgwick Maria
        279 Foote Lewis
        288 Sedgwick John
          Sedgwick Levi
1850 CT Litchfield Salisbury 8A Landon James
        18A Landon Fally
          Sedgewick Hannah
      Salisbury 19A Sedgewick John E
      Canaan 46A Sedgewick George
        52A Landon Henry
      Litchfield 255B Sedgwick Albert
        281A Sedgwick Theadore R
          Sedgwick John
      Cornwall 4 Sedgwick Benjamin
      Sharon 31 Swan Rachel
          Sedgwick Charles F
1850 CT New Haven Waterbury 8A Sedgwick Theodore
      Meriden 68 Segwick Henry
1850 CT Windham Killingly 365A Sedgwick John
1860 CT Fairfield Stratford 509 Sedgwick Frederick
1860 CT Hartford West Hartford 498 Sedgwick Timothy
        501 Sedgwick Levi A
        511 Sedgwick Levi
        522 Sedgwick William
          Sedgwick Amos
          Sedgwick Timothy
          Churchill William
          Sedgwick Fanny
      Farmington 534 Foot Lewis
      Hartford 285 Sedgwick Rockwell
      South Windsor 1002 Rockwell Edward F
          Willey Eliza
1860 CT Litchfield Cornwall 212 Sedgewick Philo C
          Sedgewick Emily
      Litchfield 336 Sedgwick Robert A
        344 Sedgwick Theodore R
        349 Sedgwick Edward Jr
        705 Sedgwick John E
      North Canaan 922 Sedgwick Emily
      Sharon 1032 Landon James J
        1055 Sedgwick Charles F
        1056 Sedgwick Mary G
1860 CT New Haven Waterbury 58 Sedrick Benjamin
      Wallingford 389 Sedgwick Fredrick
      Meriden 1238 Sedgwick Harry
1860 CT New London New London 385 Sedgwick Peter
1860 CT Tolland Vernon 458 Willey Henry B
        530 Sedgwick Richard
1870 CT Hartford South Windsor 313B Rockwell Frank E
1870 CT Litchfield Canaan 50B Sedgwick John
1870 CT Middlesex Durham 104 Wiggin Albert B
1870 CT Tolland Vernon 270B Willey Henry B
1880 CT Hartford Berlin 360D Elton Edward T
          Sedgwick Fanny
      South Windsor 605D Rockwell Sanford L
          Rockwell Edward F
        609C Rockwell Edward F
1880 CT Litchfield Salisbury 9B Landon James
      Winchester 114D Vaill Joseph H
1880 CT Tolland Vernon 59C Willey Henry B
1900 CT Hartford Hartford 161B Sedgwick Francis
      South Windsor 155AB Rockwell Edward F
1900 CT Tolland Bolton 1B Willey Henry B
1910 CT Fairfield Bridgeport 1-59A Sedgwich Jacob
1910 CT Hartford West Hartford 1-142A Sedgwich Ellen J
      Hartford 1-7A Sedgwick Mary A
        2-26A Sedgewick Charlie
        2-135B Sedgwick Henry R
        3-179B Sedgwick Frank A
      New Britain 1-165A Mott Irving M
          Sedgwick Henretta
1910 CT Litchfield Cornwall 3-52A Sedgwick Katharine
          Sedgwick Benjamin
      Salisbury 1-114A Sedgwick Mary S
      Sharon 1-141B Knight William W
1910 CT Middlesex Middletown 1-195A Sedgwick Arthur
          Sedgwick Emma D
1910 CT New Haven Ansonia Ward 3-69B Sedgwicz Mary
      New Haven 1-53A Sedgwick Hubert M
1910 CT New London New London 3-58B Sedwick Seaman

Completed: through 1860 plus 1910
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