1870 Connecticut Middlesex census records

1870 Census Connecticut, Middlesex, Durham pg 23, Film M593-0107 page 104A

enumerated 24 June 1870, extracted 9/3/2005 by Dennis G Sedgwick at Ancestry.com

Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Pers Est Birthplace Foreign
26 205 223 Wiggin Albert B 50 M W Teacher   300 Maine    
27     Wiggin Lucy C S 39 F W Keping House     New York    
28     Wiggin Fanny S 10 F W At School     New York    
29     Wiggin Mary C 9 F W       New York    
30     Wiggin Frank B 6 M W       New York    
31     Sedgwick Clara C 14 F W At School     New York    
32     Sedgwick Hester A 13 F W At School     New York    
33     Gilbert Libbie O 15 F W At School     Connecticut    
34     Gilbert Mary A 13 F W At School     Connecticut    
35     Allen Winthrop 11 M W At School     Kansas    
Wife is Lucy Christina Sedgwick (414112)
The Sedgwick girls are her nieces, daughters of her elder brother Charles Ingersoll Sedgwick
Albert and the children appear 1880 NY Ulster

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