1870 Connecticut Litchfield census records

1870 Census Connecticut, Litchfield, Canaan pg 20, Film M593-0105 page 50B

enumerated 12 July 1870, extracted 7/26/2003 by Dennis G Sedgwick at Genealogy.com

Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Pers Est Birthplace Foreign
35 1667 168 Sedgwick John 63 M W Hotel 2000 500 Connecticut    
36     Sedgwick Lucy A 56 F W Keeping House     Connecticut    
37     Sedgwick Charlotte 25 F W At home     Connecticut    
38     Sedgwick George B 21 M W At home     Connecticut    
39     Sedgwick Ella M 17 F W At home     Connecticut    
40     Sedgwick Ruby E 9/12 F W       Massachusetts    
John Edward Sedgwick (B234)
Ruby b. August (1869)

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