John Sedgwick  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1794 Delaware1
d. aft 18701
m. Charlotte Unknown, may be second wife.

Charlotte Unknown[parents unknown]
b. abt 1806 Delaware1
d. aft 18701

Census records:

1820 DE Sussex (this record believed to be him)
1830 DE Sussex
1837 DE Sussex
1840 DE Sussex
1850 DE Sussex
1860 DE Sussex
1870 DE Sussex
Probably appears as a child:
1800 DE Sussex.

I was contacted in the year 2000 by a gentleman in Wilmington, Delaware, who had purchased an old Sedgwick Bible. He sold it to me, and I began researching this family, starting with the Delaware census records. I found one John Sedgwick born in Delaware about 1794. The Bible belonged to James A Sedgwick (1865 - 1942), grandson of John, son of Willis.

Who is John Sedgwick? It is likely that he is one of the three sons of Joseph Sedgwick of 1800 DE Sussex.

In 1850, 1860 and 1870 we see his wife is named Charlotte. She may be a second wife. Her ages as given in these record indicata a birth date of 1806-1808, but that would make her 12-14 in 1820. Apparently in 1820 John's wife was age 26-45, and in 1830 age 20 - 30. It is possible that John's first wife may have died and he remarried between 1820 and 1830.


Joseph Sedgwick
  b. abt 1829 Delaware
John Sedgwick
  b. abt 1836 Delaware
Daniel Sedgwick
  b. abt 1839 Delaware
Willis Sedgwick
  b. abt 1841 Delaware
George Sedgwick
  b. abt 1844 Delaware
William Sedgwick
  b. abt 1848 Delaware

Census records for son Joseph Sedgwick:

1830 DE Sussex
1840 DE Sussex
1850 DE Sussex
1860 DE Sussex
1870 DE Sussex
1880 DE Sussex
1900 DE Sussex

Census records for son John Sedgwick:

1840 DE Sussex
1850 DE Sussex
1860 DE Kent
1870 DE Kent
1880 DE Kent

Census records for son Daniel Sedgwick:

1840 DE Sussex
1850 DE Sussex
1870 MD Caroline

Census records for son Willis Sedgwick:

1860 MD Carroll
1870 DE Sussex
1880 DE New Castle

Census records for son George Sedgwick:

appears to be son William Sedgwick:

in 1870 DE New Castle
1880 DE New Castle
1920 TN Coffee

Descendants / Researchers:

Dennis Sedgwick <>
Contact me, I haven't yet met any descendants of this family

Sources and notes (all sources for this family listed here):

1. Census records, any of those indicated.

2. Bible of James A Sedgwick, grandson of John Sedgwick, son of Willis Sedgwick
and notes included with it.