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Census: Missouri Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1840 MO Platte   127 Sedwick Benjamin
1840 MO St Louis Saint Louis 161 Sedwick S
1850 MO Clay Liberty 342A Sedwick George W
1850 MO Dallas Dist 26 452 Sedgewick William
1860 MO Holt Forest City 245 Sedric Joshua T
1860 MO Lafayette Lexington 619 Sedwick George
1860 MO Platte Weston pg 24 706 Sedwick George W
1860 MO St Louis Saint Louis 763 Sedgiori Mary
1860 MO Webster Washington Twp 73 Johnston James M
1870 MO Dallas Jackson Twp 227 Johnston James
1870 MO Jackson Kansas City 637A Fortune George L
        656A Sedgwick George W
1870 MO Lafayette Lexington 314A Sedgwick George
1870 MO St Louis Saint Louis 441B Sedgwick Mary
1870 MO Wayne Greenville 153A Sedrick James
1870 MO Webster Washington Twp 63 Sedgwick John G
        64 Sedgwick William B
1880 MO Barry McDonald Twp 272A Sedgewick John G
1880 MO Jackson Kansas City 474 Sedgwick G W
1880 MO Lafayette Lexington 208A Sedwick George
1880 MO St Louis Saint Louis 305C Fortune Belle E
          Sedgwick Mary
        313C Fortune Belle
1880 MO Webster Washington Twp 140 Johnston James
1900 MO Dallas Benton Twp 55 Johnston Lydia
1900 MO Greene Springfield 75 Sedgwick Alfred C
1900 MO Henry Osage Twp 212 Hohnhorst John H
1900 MO Howard Franklin Twp 75A Sedgwick Clarence J
1900 MO Pemiscot Caruthersville 1-247 Sedgwick Thomas D
1900 MO St Louis Saint Louis 76A Herd Georganna A
          Sedgwick Mary
1910 MO Butler Gillis Bluff 2-131B Sedrick Jim
1910 MO Dunklin Union Twp 2-24B Sedrick James M
1910 MO Greene Springfield 34 Sedgwick A C
1910 MO Henry Osage Twp 2-200 Hohnhorst John
1910 MO Howell Chapel Twp 2-77A Sedgwick G
1910 MO St Louis Saint Louis 1-227B Herd Georgia R
          Sedgwick Mary
1920 MO Howell Chapel Twp 245B Sedgwick G E
1920 MO Jackson Kansas City 132B Sedgwick May
1920 MO St. Louis Saint Louis 37B Heard Georgia R
          Sedegwick Mary

Completed: through 1860
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