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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection 3

Almost every person included in Hubertís genealogy will have an entry in one of the indexes in box 5. The indexes were prepared around the mid 1940ís, so any adult at that time or earlier who is a known descendant of Capt. Samuel Sedgwick should be included. If your ancestorís name is Sedgwick first consult box 5, folder D or one of the copies. On the other hand if you're looking for a related Non-Sedgwick surname check box 5, folder I or one of the copies. These indexes are alphabetical. If your individual is not listed, check for known siblings, parents, or cousins to find a code number.

If no individual is listed therefore leaving you with no code number, check box 5, folders A and B. In the event that you are still left without a code number your final resort is to attempt to find the individual through one of Frederick J. Sedgwickís finding aids, which are explained later.

Hopefully now you have obtained a code number for the person or persons you are searching for. Each code number uniquely represents one person by the order of their birth. Starting with the children of Capt. Samuel Sedgwick, children are assigned numbers by birth order. Each digit from left to right represents a generation. Capt. Sedgwick had 11 children, so his children received the code numbers of 1, 2, 3,... ,9, A, B. Letters are used when more than nine children are born. With each succeeding generation, a new digit or letter is added to the right of the code number. For example the first child of Samuel (1) would be 11 and the first child of Benjamin(B) would be Bl and so on.

Using your code number consult the table of contents in the register to locate the folder your ancestorís information is contained in. A digit by digit comparison from left to right will determine where your ancestor will be found in the keybook or the later coded pages. If your individual is not found when the folder is consulted, take the right most digit off, which gives the parentís code number and look for the child under the parentís number.

Box 14, folder M contains a more detailed description of the coding scheme; please consult for more information.

The papers will usually have a code in the upper left hand corner. Any code numbers written in pencil and enclosed in brackets were supplied by the processor. Typed sheets usually come before correspondence, but not always. Occassionally the user will find a group of papers held together with a folded paper. These bunches of papers were originally pasted together, and folded over many times. By disconnecting the papers they have been made more accessible and serviceable,