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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection 4

but the original order is maintained. This arrangement often causes grandchildren to be placed under their grandparent's code, so it is advisable to examine the information under each preceeding generation's code number.

If you are unable to obtain any code number on an individual or any off his relatives, he may still be found in Frederick J. Sedgwick's works. Box 1 folder M contains a list of Non-Sedgwicks with vital statistics which may give clues to relatives that are included in the coded indexes. If the name is Sedgwick, box 2 would be the place to look. These aids were prepared in the early part of the 1900's. Lastly some of the genealogies written by Frederick J. Sedgwick contain indexes that may reveal persons found no where else.

The processor attempted to put the code numbers used by Frederick J. Sedgwick on his correspondence found in box 3, folders G through I, but the effort was abandoned. The code numbers are not consistent between different versions of his handwritten geneal- ogies and there fore caused more confusion. Again these numbers were placed in the upper left hand corner in brackets, but please disregard them. This coding scheme is in no way related to the one used by Hubert M Sedgwick.

The photographs in box 19 are always listed with a code number in the table of contents when one was available. In both the keybook and the coded pages of Hubert M. Sedgwick, other photographs will be found pasted onto the pages.

The order of the gravestone photographs is by their "file" number. The reason for this numbering is unapparent. The "file" numbers range from 5000 through 5039 and are indicated on the reverse of a gravestone photo. The glass plate negatives for the photos taken at the Stockbridge, MA cemetery were transferred to the photographic department of the historical society. Geographical location of the graveyard is usually indicated on the reverse.

The dates of this collection need some explanation. Hubert collected the majority of the papers in the 1930's and 1940's while he was putting together the final version of the Sedgwick genealogy. A letter among the works of Frederick J. Sedgwick from the Vicarage of Woburn, England contained a true copy of early Sedgwick statistics from the vicarage records. The earliest date of a Sedgwick contained in those records was 1580, and that is why it was chosen as the earliest date. This letter may be found in box 3, folder D.