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The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) at the New Haven Colony Historical Society
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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection 2


The collection is divided into four series. Series I contains papers concerning the collection itself, dealing mostly with the publication attempts by Hubert M. Sedgwick. This series may be found in Box 1, folders A through L.

The papers of Frederick J. Sedgwick (1853-1939) compr [ise] series II. These items were all willed to Hubert M. Sedgwick Consisting of Frederick J. Sedgwick’s handwritten genealogies, correspondence and genea- logical notes, these papers are thought to be the first general record of the Sedgwick family This series is located in Box 1, folder M through Box 4, folder D.

Series III, the bulk of the collection, consists of the papers of Hubert M. Sedgwick. An extensive set of indexes located at the start of this series provides access to most of the individuals listed in the genealogy. The keybook, Hubert’s name for his earlier genealogy or the descendants of Capt. Samuel Sedgwick (1667-1735), is next. Following the keybook are the coded pages of a genealogy mixed with notes and correspondence. (An explanation of the code follows, see usage.)

After this extensive genealogical work, notes, Hubert M. Sedgwick's personal items, and his correspond- ence will be found. Lastly series III contains biographical information concerning three prominent members of the fanily.

Photographs, postcards, and memorabilia make up series IV. The arrangement or photographs is divided by individual, gravestone markers, and miscellaneous photos.


The key to utilizing this collection of papers is mastery of the coding system employed by Hubert M. Sedgwick. Learning an individual’s code number will allow you to find that person in Hubert’s papers and thereby facilitate locating that person in Frederick J. Sedgwick’s works.