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SAMUEL SEDGWICK, only son of William Sedgwick and Elizabeth Stone, was born in 166? goodwin) probably in Hartford, Conn., and died March 24, 1735'; at West Hartford, Conn., in his 69th. year, and was buried in the West Hartford Burying Ground. He married in 1689, Mary Hopkins, daughter of Stephen Hopkins of Hartford, and his wife Dorcas Bronson. (See Hopkins and Bronson Families in the Appendix). Mary (Hopkins) Sedgwick died Sep. 4, 1743, in her 73rd. year, and. was buried beside her husband in West Hartford. Samuel was only about seven years old when his parents were divorced, and his father died soon thereafter. His mother soon married again and it is said that his step father was rather improvident, and it is quite possible that Samuel lived with his grandmother, the widow of Rev. Samuel Stone, who had married (2nd) Mr. George Gardner, a merchant of Salem, who came and lived with her in the old Stone Homestead which he purchased. This Mr. Gardner died in 1679, and his widow had a right to the homestead during life, and had some land at her disposal. In her will made June 6, 1681, she gave something to her son Samuel Stone, Jr., (who unfortunately was dissapated so that property could not be safely but in his hands, though naturally a bright man and educated for the ministry,) and remembered Mr. Stone's three daughters by a former wife. The remainder of her estate she gave to her daughter Elizabeth Roberts, and her grandson Samuel Sedgwick and her grandson John Roberts, Jr. She gave much of the land and a legacy of L16 to her grandson Sedgwick.

She made her daughter Elizabeth and grandson Samuel Sedgwick her executors, although he was only 15 or 16 years old. She had previously mentioned that he was not of age. Many of the details above are gleaned from a letter from Sylvester Judd to Gen. Chas. F. Sedgwick, of Sharon, Conn., dated Northampton, Mass., Jan. 18, 1847. (Mr. Judd was the compiler of the Judd Family Genealogy.)

Continuing he says, "I cannot tell you how Samuel Sedgwick came to be in Hatfield, (Mass.) There were Hartford people in Hadley and Hatfield, and Timothy Nash of Hadley married his aunt Rebecca Stone; and Thomas Nash his cousin, lived in Hatfield. It does not appear from the Hatfield records that John Roberts or the mother of Samuel Sedgwick ever lived in that town. Samuel Sedgwick appears in Hatfield about the time he was of age, or about 1687, and had a home lot granted to him, but did not remain long enough to get a title to it. (4 years was required.) He had something to do with coopers business, and may have been a retailer. The tradition that the Indian War induced Samuel Sedgwick to leave this part of the country and, remove to West Hartford, is probably correct. The war began in 1689."

The above does not quite agree as to dates with a letter from William H. Hall, Associate Superintendant of West Hartford Public Schools, dated West Hartford, Aug. 13, 1931, to Hubert M. Sedgwick, of New Haven, Conn., which says, "I think I wrote you some time ago about the action of the town of West Hartford, giving the name of Sedgwick Road to a part of Park Road, in honor of Samuel Sedgwick, who came here in 1685 and purchased 373 acre. of land on the south side of that Road and built his house there.

Now the town have built on the side of that Road, one finest, most artistic Junior High and Elementary School Buildings,