Census: Maryland Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1790 ALL  Sedgwick/Sedgewick/Sedwick in 1790 Federal census
1733 MD Calvert Lower Cliffs   Sedwick Joseph
      Hunting Creek   Sedwick Thomas
      Lyons Creek   Sedwick Benjamin
      St Leonards   Sedwick Joshua
1800 MD Allegany Murley Branch 7 Sedwick Thomas
1800 MD Calvert Christ Church 424 Sedwicks John
          Sedwicks Joshua
1800 MD Harford District 5 132 Sedgwick Benjamin
        133 Sedgwick James
1800 MD Montgomery District 3 148 Sedwicks John
          Sedgwicks Benjamin
      District 1 172 Sedgwick William
          Sedgwick Elisha
          Sedgwick Thomas
1810 MD Calvert   538 Sedwicks John
          Sedwicks Joshua
          Sedwicks Thomas
1810 MD Frederick   298 Sedgwick H (b)
        346 Sedwick B
1810 MD Harford   110 Sedgwick Benjamin
1810 MD Montgomery   933 Sedgwick William
        948 Sedgwick Benjamin
        951 Sedgwick Nathan
1810 MD Prince George's   529 Shredrick J
1820 MD Baltimore ED 6 67 Sedwick William
1820 MD Calvert ED 1 46 Sedwick Joshua
      ED 2 50 Sedwick Barbara
1820 MD Montgomery Medleys District 2 133 Sedgwicks William
      ED 3 155 Sedgwick Cassa (b)
      ED 4 168 Sedgwick Benjamin
      ED 1 177 Sedgwicks Thomas
1830 MD Anne Arundel ED 6 176 Sedwick Thomas
1830 MD Baltimore Baltimore 451 Sedgewick Rebecca (b)
          Sedgwig Thomas (b)
1830 MD Calvert   244 Sedwick Joshua
        255 Sedgwick Octavus
1830 MD Frederick District 9 32 Segwick Hannah (b)
1840 MD Baltimore Baltimore 238 Sedgwick Cassander (b)
        77 Sedgwick Philip (b)
        164 Sedgewick Kesiah (b)
        299 Sedgwich Tilman (b)
1840 MD Calvert   110 Sedwick Washington
        114 Sedwick Joshua
          Sedwick James C
          Sedwick John A
        225 Sedwick Ann
1840 MD Montgomery Election District 5 297 Sedgwick Horrace (b)
        303 Sedgwick Guard (b)
1850 MD Baltimore District 2 157B Sedgwick Frank (b)
      Baltimore 30A Sedricks Ellen (b)
        300A Sedgwick Charlotte (b)
        1A Sedgwick Eliza Ann
        301B Sedgwick John
        237A Sedgewick M (b)
        253A Sedgwick Daniel (b)
1850 MD Calvert District ` 3A Sedwick John C
        3A Sedwick Luviser
        3B Sedwick James C
        5B Sedwick Martha L
        8B Sedwick Eliza
        9B Sedwick John A
1850 MD Cecil District 3 33A Sedgwick William
1850 MD Frederick Fredericktown 60A Sedgwick Amy (b)
      Fredericktown 99B Sedricks Oliver (b)
      New Market 267A Sedgwick Joseph (b)
      District 8 418a Sedgwick Lydia (b)
1850 MD Montgomery Clarksburg 340B Sedgwick Hester (b)
        362B Sedgwick Jarret (b)
      Barry 370A Sedgwick Horace (b)
1850 MD Washington District 2 143B Ledrick Peter
1860 MD Baltimore Baltimore 76 Sedgwick Hannah (b)
        484 Sedrick George
        772 Sedgwick Margaret (b)
        622 Sedgwick Sarah
        864 Sedgwick Ann (b)
        416 Sedgewick Keziah
1860 MD Calvert St Leonard 34 Sedgwick John A
        34 Sedwick John
      Port Republic 37 Sedwick John C
        41 Sedwick Sarah
      Prince Frederick 56 Sedwick Thomas
1860 MD Carroll Freedom 427 Sedwick Willis
1860 MD Frederick Frederick 788 Sedgwick Henry
1860 MD Harford Bel Air 307 Sedgwick David (b)
1860 MD Kent Still Pine? 908 Sedgewick Nimrod
1860 MD Montgomery Sandy Springs 39 Sedewick John (b)
        51 Sedgwick Jarret (b)
        51 Sedgewic Richard (b)
        52 Sedgewic Juliet (b)
        53 Sedgewic Hester (b)
        56 Sedgewic Thomas (b)
        59 Sedgwic Samuel (b)
        60 Sedgwic Baker (b)
        62 Sedwick Horace (b)
      Clarksburg 62 Sedgewick Delilah
      Rockville 281 Sedgwick Sarah (b)
1870 MD Baltimore Baltimore 49B Sedgwick Margraet (b)
        301A Sedgwick John (b)
        318A Sedwick Margaret (b)
        421B Sedgwick Daniel (b)
        459A Sedgwick Alex (b)
1870 MD Calvert Prince Frederick 9A Sedwick John C
        10B Sedwick Benjamin
        11B Sedwick John
        16B Hellen Charles
          Sedwick Sarah
          Iggins Edward (b)
        23B Sedwick John A
        39A Sedwick William
        52A Sedgwick Thomas
1870 MD Caroline Federalsburg 279B Sedgwick Daniel
1870 MD Frederick Frederick 32A Sedgewicks Rezin H (b)
      Urbana 315A Sedgwick John
      Newmarket 403B Sedgewick Thomas (b)
      Mount Pleasant 501A Sedgwick Anna (b)
1870 MD Montgomery Brighton 230 Sedgwick Hamilton (b)
        242A Sedgwick Emma (b)
        250A Sedgewick Rachel (b)
        258B Sedgewick Philip (b)
      Damascus 270B Sedgwick Delilah
        279A Sedger Zachariah (b)
      Zanesville 313B Sedgwick Sarah (b)
      Germantown 322B Sedgwick Maria (b)
      Brighton 358B Sedgewick Thomas (b)
      Sandy Spring 369B Sedgwick Horace (b)
        374B Sedgwick Joshua (b)
        382B Sedgwick Charles (b)
        383A Sedgwick Betty (b)
        383A Sedgwick Jarret (b)
        403B Sedgwick Samuel (b)
        411B Sedgwick Hester (b)
      Rockville 435A Sedgwick Horace (b)
        427B Sedgwick Clarissa (b)
        441B Sedgwick Philip (b)
1870 MD Prince George's Piscataway 159B Sedevic Elliza (b)
      Surratts 249B Sedgwick Jane (b)
1880 MD Allegany East Frostburg 285C Seddick George
1880 MD Baltimore Bay View 525D Sedgwick Winson ?(b)
      Baltimore 201D Sedwick Barba
        294C Sedgwick Owen (b)
        83C Boardley William (b)
          Sedgwick Eliza (b)
1880 MD Calvert District 1 11A Sedwick William A
        19C Sedwick John
        22B Egans James E (b)
        27C Hellen Charles
          Sedwick Sarah C
        31D Sedwick Benjamin
          Sedwick John A
      District 2 68B Sedwick Thomas H
1880 MD Dorchester Federalsburg 232C Sedgwick William
1880 MD Frederick Frederick 66A Sedgewick Ann (b)
1880 MD Montgomery Cracklin 211B Sedgewick Noah (b)
      Clarksburg 228D Sedgwick Delilah
      Rockville 307A Sedwick Thomas (b)
        334D Sedgwick Thomas (b)
          Sedgwick Louisa (b)
      Berrys 372A Sedgwick Richard (b)
          Shadrick Andrew (b)
        372B Sedgwick Baker (b)
          Sedgwick Samuel (b)
      Mechanicsville 426B Sedgwick Amanda (b)
      Sandy Spring 446B Sedgwick Horace (b)
        452B Sedgwick Joshua (b)
1880 MD Prince George's Upper Marlboro 55A Sedgwick James (b)
        56D Sedgwick James (b)
1880 MD Talbot Easton ED 45 423A Sedgwick Cora
      Trappe 544C Sedgwick Mary
        547A Sedgwick Willliam E
1880 MD Wicomico Delmar 174B Sedgwick Lola
1900 MD Baltimore Precinct 6 22B Sedgwick Horace (b)
1900 MD Calvert Solomon Island 31B Egans James
1900 MD Prince George's Upper Marlboro 83B Sedgwick James (b)
1910 MD Anne Arundel District 3 14A Sedrick Lizzie (b)
1920 MD Anne Arundel District 3 8B Sedrick William (b)
1920 MD Montgomery Rockville 7A Sedgwick Horace (b)
Complete: through 1880
  1810 A "Patric Ledwork" appears in Cecil County, indexed Sedwick at Ancestry.com
  1830 Montgomery County appears to be missing from the records and the indexes.
Suspected missing persons:
  John C Sedwick 1860 Calvert County.
I have done a partial, not complete search for alternate spellings.
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