Samuel Sedgwick  [Joseph Sedgwick / Ruth Smith]
b. April 11, 1725, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut3
d. 1793, Kinderhook Landing, Columbia, New York
m1 abt 1747, Deborah Higgins
m2 abt 1785, Hanna Katherine Backer / Catherina Bekker

Deborah Higgins  [Beriah Higgins / Desire Cooke]
b. October 26, 1725, Provincetown, Suffolk, Massachusettts

Hanna Katherine Backer / Catherina Bekker  [parents unknown]
b. 1763
d. September 17, 1826, New York

Census Records:

1790 NY Columbia, Kinderhook

Military service: Abt. 1776, Revolutionary War

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Deborah Higgins is believed to be a descendant of Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower and his son Joseph. Their youngest son Elijah, in an interview with the genealogist George Sedgwick in April 1854, identified his mother as the dauaghter if Beriah Higgins and Desire Cooke. We don't have the source documentation to prove it. See this for more information.

Noel Sedgwick, son of Samuel Sedgwick and his second wife, apparently is the one who gave her name as Hannah Katherine Backer. However, baptismal records of the church at Kinderhook, New York, show the name to be "Catharina Bekker." Both Backer and Becker names are plentiful in the area at the time, so who knows which is her true name?

Children of Samuel Sedgwick and Deborah Higgins:

Gordon Sedgwick (411)
  b. July 27, 1748, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  bp August 14, 1748, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut4
  d. January 15, 1838, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts
  m. March 10, 1770, Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, Hannah Sacket
Naomi Sedgwick (412)
  b. 1749, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  bp January 20, 1750, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut4
  m. February 27, 1769, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts, Ebenezer Spring
Deborah Sedgwick (413)
  b. 1751, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  bp May 19, 1751, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut4
  d. September 16, 1833, Genesee County, New York
  m. b. October 28, 1748, Jonathan Sedgwick (214)
Samuel Sedgwick (414)
  b. bef April 22, 1753, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  bp April 22, 1753, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut4
  d. August 20, 1828, Westmoreland, Oneida, New York
  m. October 20, 1774, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, Anne Steele
Experience Sedgwick (415)
  b. April 18, 1755, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  bp April 20, 1755, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  d. April 10, 1849
  m. Hezekiah Seymour
Joseph Sedgwick (416)
  b. November 08, 1756, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  bp January 23, 1757, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  d. Abt. 1776, Revolutionary War
Desire Sedgwick (417)
  b. December 8, 1758, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  bp December 31, 1758, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  m. "Mr Pomeroy"
Titus Sedgwick (418)
  b. March 23, 1761, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts
  bp May 10, 1751, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  m. Grace Sacket
Ebenezer Sedgwick (419)
  b. abt 1763
  bp May 10, 1761, Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  d. October 12, 1838, Verona, Oneida, New York
  m. Sarah Sacket
Ruth Sedgwick (41A)
  b. 1765
  d. bet July 1854 - March 1855, Paris Hill, Oneida, New York
  m. October 24, 1783, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York, Richard Larrabee
Rhoda Sedgwick (41B)
  b. bef July 28, 1767, Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
  bp July 28, 1767, Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  m. Nathaniel Reed
Elijah Sedgwick (41C)
  b. December 13, 1769
  bp January 14, 1770, Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts1 (6F-3)
  d. December 16, 1861, Bloomingdale, DuPage, Illinois
  m. November 26, 1795, Peru, Berkshire, Massachusetts?, Tryphena Parker

Children of Samuel Sedgwick and Hannah Katharine Backer:

Polly Sedgwick (41D)
  b. November 10, 1790
  d. September 04, 1862, Henry, Marshall, Illinois
  m. September 26, 1818, Asa Lake
Noah Sedgwick (41E)
  b. April 06, 1793, Kinderhook Landing, Columbia, New York
  d. August 19, 1882, North Evans, Erie, New York
  m. Lucretia Watkins

LOOK what I have found!!!

New York Births and Baptisms, Eastern Region, 1683-1928
an Ancestry.com database
Baptism Records of Kinderhook Reformed Church 1718-1899:

Baptism Date: 05 Feb 1786
Father: Samuel Sedswyk
Mother: Catharina Bekker
Item #: 2818
Child: Joseph

Baptism Date: 03 Aug 1788
Father: Samuel Sedwits
Mother: Catharina Bekker
Item #: 3068
Child: Lucenda

This means two previously undocumented children of Samuel Sedgwick and Hannah Katherine Backer. I assume they died young, or Noah would have known about them. So... I plan to ignore them for the time being, except to adjust the marriage date to about 1785. Contact me if you find anything about them. genealogy@sedgwick.org

More about Samuel Sedgwick:

NHCHS collection Box 6 Folder F sheet 2


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