(West) Hartford Town records* marked with an asterisk
from the Barbour Collection and transcribed from this transcription by Coralynn Brown


Year Date Record
1690*Aug 22(Sedgwick) Samuel, son Samuell & Mary, born
1693*Mar 29(Sedgwick) Jonathan, son Samuel & Mary, born
1695*Feb 25(Sedgwick) Ebenezer, son Samuell & Mary, born
1697*May 16(Sedgwick) Joseph, son Samuel & Mary, born
1701*Mar 17(Sedgwick) Stephen, son Samuell & Mary, born
1703*Feb 21(Sedgwick) Abigail, dau Samuell & Mary, born
1705*May 24(Sedgwick) Mary, dau Samuell & Mary, born
1708*Dec 10(Sedgwick) Elizabeth, dau Samuell & Mary, born
1710*Nov 3(Sedgwick) Thankfull, dau Samuell & Mary, born
1711/12*Jan 22(Sedgwick) Ruth, dau Samuell & Ruth, born
1712/13*Feb 16(Sedgwick) Mercy, dau Samuell & Mary, born
1713/14*Jan 7(Sedgwick) Jerusha, twin with Mary, dau Samuel & Ruth, born
1713/14*Jan 7(Sedgwick) Mary, twin with Jerusha, dau Samuell & Ruth, born
1716*Nov 7(Sedgwick) Benjamin, son Samuell & Mary, born
1716/17*Jan 8(Sedgwick) Samuell, son Samuell & Ruth, born
1717*Dec 21(Sedgwick) William, son Jonathan & Izabell, born
1719*July 24Daniell, son Samuell & Ruth, born
1721*Apr 15(Sedgwick) Jonathan, son Jonathan & Izabell, born
1721*Apr 27(Sedgwick) Abram, son Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1721*Apr 21(Sedgwick) Thankfull, born
1722*Dec 2(Sedgwick) Abigail, dau Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1723/24*Mar 18(Sedgwick) Miles, twin with Izabel, son Jonathan & Izabell, born
1723/24*Mar 18(Sedgwick) Izabel, twin with Miles, dau Jonathan & Izabell, born
1724*Sept 14(Sedgwick) Prudence, dau Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1725*Apr 11(Sedgwick) Samuell, son Joseph, born
1726/27*Mar 12(Sedgwick) Experience, dau Joseph & Ruth, born
1726*Apr 29(Sedgwick) Mary, dau Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1726*Sept 16(Sedgwick) Ann, dau Stephen & Mary, born
1728/29*Jan 1Esther, dau Joseph & Ruth, born
1728*Apr 7(Sedgwick) Thankfull, dau Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1730/31*Feb 5(Sedgwick) Joseph & Ruth, had son _____, born, died 2 das after
1731*June 17(Sedgwick) Elizabeth, dau Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1731/32*Mar 20(Sedgwick) Ruth, dau Joseph & ruth, born
1734/35*Mar 4(Sedgwick) Ebenezer, son Ebenezer & Prudence, born
1735*July 19(Sedgwick) Naomi, dau Joseph, born

Year Date Record
1710/11*Feb 1(Sedgwick) Samuell Jr, m Ruth PECK
1716/17*Mar 7(Sedgwick) Jonathan, m Isabell STUBBEINS
1720*June 30(Sedgwick) Eben, m Prudence MERRELLS
1720*June 30(Sedgwick) Ebenezer, m Prudence MERRELLS
1721*Nov 9(Sedgwick) Abigail, m Benjamin KELLOGG
1722/23*Jan 24(Sedgwick) Joseph, m Ruth SMITH
1725*Dec 16(Sedgwick) Stephen, m Mary HARRISS
1733*Aug 2(Sedgwick) Mercy, m Caleb MERRELLS
1740*May 8William, m Elizabeth BRACE, dau Henery
1821*Jan 25(Sedgwick) Lucy, m Charles Joyce BURR,
by Rev Abel Flint
1823*Dec 24(Sedgwick) Pamela, of Hartford, m Horace WELLS of Berlin,
by Nathan Johnson, J.P.
1824*Oct 7(Sedgwick) Jane, m Henry BENTON,
by Elisha Cushman
1825*Jan 12(Sedgwick) Ammi, m Isaac WOODFORD of Farmington,
by Rev Nathan Perkins
1825*May 22(Sedgwick) Evelyn, Rev., of Ogden, N.Y., m Lucy WHITMAN of Hartford,
by Rev Nathan Perkins
1825*Oct 12(Sedgwick) Levi, m Lucy ENSIGN of Hartford,
by Rev Nathan Perkins
1832*Mar 15(Sedgwick) Mary, m Harvey GOODWIN of Hartford,
by Nathan Johnson, J.P.
1842*Jan 6(Sedgwick) Sarah Ann, m William CHURCHILL,
by Rev George J Wood, of West Hartford
1853*May 16(Sedgwick) Lucy A, of West Hartford, m Edward T ELTON of Berlin,
by Rev M N Morris

Year Date Record
1720*July 2(Sedgwick) Thankfull, died
1724/25*Jan 8(Sedgwick) Samuel, son Samuel Jr, died
1724*Dec 25(Sedgwick) Samuel Jr, died
1730/31*Feb 7(Sedgwick) Joseph & Ruth, had son _____, d.
1734/35*Mar 24(Sedgwick) Samuell, Capt., died