It has been claimed that Deborah Higgins, the wife of Samuel Sedgwick (41) was a Mayflower descendant, as listed below. It appears to be established that Beriah Higgins and Desire Cooke were both Mayflower descendants, and that they married and had a daughter Deborah (Debrow) born October 26, 1725 at Provincetown, Massachusetts. Elijah Sedgwick (1769 - 1861), youngest son of Samuel and Deborah, identified his mother as that Deborah Higgins. However, no one seems to be able to document that or to find the marriage record for Deborah and Samuel.

F.M. Sedgwick claims a descendancy through her father Beriah Higgins in the 1934 Manuscript, page 31:
Thomas Rogers
Joseph Rogers,
Elizabeth Rogers
Beriah Higgins
Deborah Higgins

Tim Gosselin in his Gosselin Family Home Page THOMAS ROGERS report shows this version.
F.M. Sedgwick had omitted a generation, Joseph Higgins.
Thomas Rogers
Joseph Rogers,
Elizabeth Rogers m. Jonathan Higgins
Joseph Higgins
Beriah Higgins
Deborah Higgins

To aid in the research, I am including here data extracted entirely from Tim Gosselin's report:

THOMAS ROGERS b 1581 England, d bef. Apr 1621 Plymouth, Mass,
    m Elsgen Alice COSFORD Oct 24, 1597 in Watford, Northampton, England

JOSEPH ROGERS b abt 1610 England or Holland, and died Jan 1677/78 Eastham, Mass,
    m Hannah Unknown

ELIZABETH ROGERS b Sep 29, 1639 Duxbury, Massachusetts, d Eastham, Mass,
    m Jonathan HIGGINS Jan 09, 1660/61 in Eastham, Mass

JOSEPH5 HIGGINS b Feb 14, 1666/67 Eastham, d abt. May 21, 1729,
    m Ruth

BERIAH HIGGINS b abt. 1692 Eastham, Mass, d aft. 1736,
    m Desire COOKE abt. 1716, dau Josiah COOKE and Mary GODFREY

DEBORAH HIGGINS b Oct 26, 1725 Provincetown.
    m SAMUEL SEDGWICK bef. 1754 probably Middletown, Conn, son Joseph SEDGWICK

Here are some citations which support this line:

Source: Family Tree Maker's CD 171, Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500s - 1800s:
Plymouth Colony Records page 546
Eastham, Jonathen Higgins to Elizabeth Rogers, Jan. 9, 1660-1

Source: Family Tree Maker's CD 171, Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500s - 1800s:
First Settlers of Eastham, Mass. page 889
Jonathon Higgins m Elisabeth Rogers, Jan 9 1660; chn.
Beriah, b Sep 27, 1661;
Jonathon, b. Aug, __ 1664;
Joseph, b. Feb 14, 1666/7;
Elisabeth, b. Feb 11, 1680 ... (more)

Source: Family Tree Maker's CD 171, Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500s - 1800s:
Births, Marriages and Deaths of Provincetown, Mass. page 552
Beriah Higgins and wife Desire had ch.:
Debrow, b. Oct 26, 1725;
Beriah, b. April 1, 1727;
Phebe, b. May 17, 1736

I saw somewhere (lost source) this lineage for Desire Cooke:
Stephen Hopkins
Gyles Hopkins
Deborah Hopkins b. June 1648, m. Josiah Cook(e) b. 1645
Josiah Cook(e) b. Nov 12, 1670 m. Mary Godfrey
Desire Cooke b. June 14, 1694 m. Beriah Higgins
Deborah Higgins

EDWIN HENRY SEDGWICK (414117), b. 1842, was a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants. Here's the reference: 1934 Manuscript, page 65. If someone can find his membership data, we might see if the Deborah Higgins connection was his "ticket." If so, we can (1) accept and show that it has been proven and (2) probably get a lead on the source documentation.

For reference, here's his lineage from Samuel and Deborah:

SAMUEL SEDGWICK (41) m DEBORAH HIGGINS (Manuscript page 31)

SAMUEL SEDGWICK (414) m ANNE STEELE (Manuscript page 60)

SAMUEL SEDGWICK (4141) m. MARIEN HENRY (Manuscript page 61)


EDWIN HENRY SEDGWICK (414117) (Manuscript page 65)

Edwin's sister FRANCES AUGUSTA SEDGWICK was also a member of the Society. (Manuscript page 66)

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