William Joseph Sedgwick  [John Sedgwick / Mary Ellen Sullivan]
b. June 14, 18611a or June 1859,2 (New Orleans, Orleans), Louisiana
d. March 22, 1926 Galveston, Galveston, Texas1a
m1 Jan 2, 1884, Galveston, Galveston, Texas, Mary T Cross1a
m2 January 28, 1887, Galveston, Galveston, Texas, Amanda Maria Johnson1a
m3 abt March 17, 1892, Galveston, Galveston, Texas, Barbara W Elsen1a
      (license March 17, 1892 Book K, page 287)

Mary T Cross  [parents unknnown]

Amanda Maria Johnson  {Frederick Johnson / mother unknown]

Barbara W Elsen  [parents unknown, born Germany]
b. June 1873, New York

William through his lifetime was a laborer, a "screwman" at the wharf, a mounted policeman, jailer, and for many years the Galveston Chief of Police.

Both of William's marriages were solemnized at St. Patricks Catholic Church in Galveston, Texas. "Two kids by each wife..."

His record of death from Malloy and Sons Funeral Home in Galveston, list his parents as: John Sedgwick born in Ireland and Mary Ellen Sullivan also born in Ireland. Funeral services were held at St. Patrick's Church. He was buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery on Broadway. The cause of death was some sort of Anemia. Galveston Police Chief for many years.

Census records:

1880 TX Galveston
1900 TX Galveston
1910 TX Galveston
1920 TX Galveston

Children of William Joseph Sedgwick and Mary T Cross:

William Sedgwick, Jr
  b. June, 1883, (Galveston, Galveston,) Texas2

Children of William Joseph Sedgwick and Amanda Maria Johnson:

Owen Sedgwick
  b. July 1889, (Galveston, Galveston,) Texas2

Children of William Joseph Sedgwick and Barbara W Elsen:

Michael M Sedgwick aka Miles
  b. May 14, 1893, (Galveston, Galveston,) Texas2,4
  d. September 1962, Texas4
  m. abt 1920, (Galveston, Galveston,) Texas, Anna Unknown2
Julia Sedgwick
  b. abt 1911, (Galveston, Galveston,) Texas2

William Jr's birth date and age do not agree with the wedding dates.

Owen is in Houston in the 1930 census, living at a hotel.


1. Information provided by descendants/researchers of this family.
a. Cary (Sedgwick) Hall <TexYa@aol.com>

2. Census records, any of those indicated.

4. Social Security Death Index

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