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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection

Box 18 continued

  Folder J Correspondence (1839) ALS from Adam
    Sedgwick, 1785-1873, to Charles F.
    Sedgwick, 1795-1882

  Folder K Correspondence (1952-1953) with
    Edith (Todd) Sedgwick, (b.1867)

  Folder L Correspondence (1930-1947) with
    Ellery Sedgwick, 1872-

  Folder M Correspondence (1933-1939) with
    Francis M. Sedgwick, 1872-1939

  Folder N Correspondence (1907-1928) with
    Frederick J. Sedgwick, 1853-1939

  Folder O Biographical information concerning
    Ernest Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl,
    1887- , also includes correspondence
    1934-1941) alphabetical by author,
    with two ALS from Mr. Hanfstaengl

  Folder P Articles by or about Ernest F. S.
    Hanfstaenl dated 23 Mar 1933 -
    28 Jan 1943

  Folder Q Biographical information concerning
    General John Sedgwick, 1813-1864, also
    correspondence (1933-1943) concerning
    Gettysburg monument and Liberty Ship
    named for him

  Folder R A Biographical Sketch; John Sedgwick,
    major general New York, The DeVinne
    Press, 1899 by Emily (Sedgwick) Welch

(1 vol.)
  Folder S Biographical information concerning
    Robert Sedgwick (1611-1656), the
    immigrant ancestor


Box 19 Series IV Photographs

 photographs as listed, with code when available

  Folder A Miss Sedgwick, an actress
Rev. Obadiah Sedgewick
Adam Sedgwick, F.R.S. (1785-1873)
21B,421,12Francis Morris Sedgwick
21B,424,7Robert James Sedgwick
21B,424,71Michael James Sedgwick
21B,43Amasa P. Sedgwick
411,211,151David Beryl Parmeter
411,27Lewis Upham Sedgwick
411,271,411Emmet Hanson Miller
411,32Otis Sedgwick and three
411,324,1Hubert Merrill Sedgwick and
    daughter Ruth
411,EHarvey Sedgwick