SEDGWICK.ORG exists to promote and assist Sedgwick genealogy efforts among all Sedgwicks and Sedgwick descendants. By creating a place specifically dedicated to Sedgwick genealogy, Sedgwick families and Sedgwick source data, I hope I can make it easier for all Sedgwicks to share their data and work together.

I conceived of the website because I concluded that if I, in my research, discovered a Sedgwick that I didn't know, someone probably did. The easier we can make it to share this information, the more we can all accomplish.

Since I started in 1998, I have felt many times the pleasure of putting people in touch with their ancestors. Its's fun! is growing. It has become a useful tool. You can help make it better. Send your data! Hopefully whatever we gather now will be together perpetually, for our enjoyment and that of our descendants.

-Dennis G Sedgwick

PS - No fees! No banners! No popups! No spam!
I cover the web hosting costs out of my own pocket.

People who will be included at

* Any Sedgwick
* Any ancestor of a Sedgwick, regardless of surname
* Any descendant of a Sedgwick, regardless of surname
* Spouses of any of these plus the parents of the spouses
* Siblings of ancestors where they are readily available
* Others where it will clarify something or help to identify someone

Note this difference: A woman who marries a Sedgwick man and has a child is an ancestor of a Sedgwick, as are all her ancestors, so her ancestors ad infinitum are included. A man who marries a Sedgwick woman and has a child is not an ancestor of a Sedgwick, so only his parents are included.