The above photo is of a portion of a wine bottle which was recovered in a recent (2001?) excavation in London. It contains a seal with a Sedgwick coat-of-arms and the name John Sidgwick. Paul Cannon (address below) provided the photo. He asks our help in his efforts to determine to whom it may have belonged.

From the shape of the glass remaining attached to the seal it appears to be from an "onion type" wine bottle. It is estimated to have originated in the time period 1690 - 1740. The seal consists of a coat-of-arms with a legend around it which reads


The coat-of-arms consists of a cross with a bell in each arm and one in the center, and looks identical to a common Sedgwick coat-of-arms, except that it has also a small sphere in the upper left and right sections.

Paul Cannon says "I guess it is a fair bet that the owner came from London or thereabouts. However because of the cosmopolitan nature of the City it is possible that it may have come from further afield."

If you have any information that might help identify the owner of this bottle or seal,
please contact Paul Cannon