US cities, towns and counties with the Sedgwick name:

Name County State Note
Sedgwick Lawrence Arkansas population about 86
Sedgwick County Sedgwick Colorado  
Sedgwick Sedgwick Colorado  
Sedgewick Saguache Colorado historical
Sedgwick P O Hyde Dakota Territory historical1
Sedgwick County Sedgwick2 Kansas History
Sedgwick Harvey Kansas  
Sedgwick Hancock Maine named after Robert Sedgwick
Sedgewickville Bollinger Missouri  
Sedgewick Lawrence Ohio historical
Sedgwick Adams Pennsylvania near Gettysburg
Sedwicks Mill Butler Pennsylvania  
Sedwick Shackelford Texas  
Sedgwick Ashland Wisconsin  

Other features:
Sedgwick Mountain, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Sedgwick Peak, Bannock County, Idaho

1. Sedgwick, SD: Country post office in Hyde county,
    22 miles northwest of Highmore, the nearest railroad point. Population 35.
2. Watch for this article: "Fort Sedgwick" by Daniel S. Day (with building diagrams)
    The Colorado Magazine. The State Historical Society of Colorado quarterly publication
    Winter, 1965. Vol XLII (42) No. 1.