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As early as 1672 there was a log church standing in what in 1692 was defined as Christ Church Parish. It is certain that in 1692 a church building was standing in this Parish, called by the name "Christ Church", and located on one acre of ground given by Francis Malden out of his tract "Prevent Danger". With the establishment of the Parish in 1692 the first business of the Vestry was to repair the church building which continued in use until about 1731 when it was destroyed by fire. In the session of the general Assembly of Maryland., July-August 1732, upon petition of the Vestrymen, Churchwardens and inhabitants of Christ Church Parish which stated that the church and vestry room had lately burned, and that the congregation was desirous of rebuilding, an Act was passed empowering the Vestry and Wardens to have a new church and vestry room built on that acre of ground where the old church had stood. An assessment of 100,000 pounds of tobacco on the taxable inhabitants of the Parish (not to exceed 40,000 pounds in any one year) was authorized for defraying all expenses to be incurred. By 1735 this second building - a brick church - had been completed and occupied.

At the November 1769 session of the General Assembly an Act was passed authorizing an assessment of 160,000 pounds of tobacco to be levied in the years 1769-70-71, to be applied to the building of a new church in Christ Church Parish on the ground where the second church then was standing. This building - the present church - was built in 1772 with materials and. bricks from the older structure. Repairs and renovations were made in 1792, 1839, 1862, 1906, 1928-29, 1946-50, and 1963. The Parish House was built in 1957-58, and the Rectory in 1959 on the site of an earlier one.

There must have been early pieces of Communion Silver at Christ Church dating from the late 17th or early 18th centuries (Middleham Chapel has a Silver Service from Queen Anne), possibly they were destroyed in the fire of 1731. The present Communion Silver Service is old. Maryland. There is a pair of chalices and. a paten, in continuous use, made in 1819 by Hosea Wilson of Baltimore. (Those pieces are identified in "Maryland Silver Smiths", by Pleasants and Sill, page 204.) The silver wine flagon bears hallmarks of Maryland silver made after 1830 and has the name F.A.Greshoff. As he is not known to have been a silver smith, it is possible that he was a dealer in church goods, perhaps in Baltimore. The smaller water cruet is a recent reproduction done by the Schofield Company of Baltimore; and the lavabo bowl and bread. box are also pieces of contemporary manufacture, as are the festival chalice and paten of gold on sterling. At the rear of the Church there is an old Bible, used here for many years, printed in Cambridge, England, in 1674. The offshoots of Christ Church Parish are: Middleham Chapel at Lusby, said to have been housed in1684, though the present building was erected in 1748; Saint Paul's Church, Prince Frederick, which was organized as a Parish in 1841, the church being completed in the following year and Saint Peter's Chapel, Solomon' Island, which was built in 1889.

Transcribed records of this church