Online Genealogy
A tremendous collection of online data, free and pay. I recommend subscribing.
Lots of Sedgwick / Sedwick data here
The US GenWeb Project
Volunteers dedicated to free online information.
Check out the Tombstone Project!
Another really good free site, all data provided by volunteers.
Lots of Sedgwick / Sedwick data here
Family Tree Maker
Family Tree Maker is great, and the site itself is a valuable search site.
Subscribe to their!
Family Search
This is the LDS genealogy site, and it is great.
Going to an LDS Family History Center? Here's their catalog.
Genealogical Database Index
Online Genealogical Database Index.
Links to personal genealogy websites.
The DAR Library
Daughters of the American Revolution
GENDEX - Genealogical Index
Personal genealogy website server
Cyndis List of Genealogy Sites On the Internet
A good start for any kind of genealogy search.
GEDCOM to HTML translator program
makes HTML files from GED file
webGED: Progenitor 2.0
An excellent shareware website generator.
Allow user searches based on your GED file.
The Genealogy Home Page
Genealogy Links to services and personal sites
A Note for beginners:

It really is necessary to know the source of any information you use from someone else's tree. You will find that along with all the correct data, people use data that simply isn't correct. Even the LDS site contains user-submitted data that is wrong. Use it all with caution.

You can make better. Send your data.