Steamer Sedgwick off Main Coast

The Steamer Sedgwick apparently was built in the late 1800's or early 1900's and operated along the Maine coast. Picture postcards of these steamers seem to have been very popular around 1910. These two were recently sold at eBay. The scans were made by the seller, used here by permission.

I hope to learn more about the Steamer Sedgwick at the website of the Steamship Historical Society of America.

The Steamer would have been named after the town of Sedgwick, Maine, which was named after Major General Robert Sedgwick, who took the area from the French about 1652.

The upper photo was simply labeled "Steamer Sedgwick, Maine Coast."
The lower photo was labeled "Steamer Sedgwick at Barbour's Shipyard, Brewer, Maine."

Steamer Sedgwick at Barbour's Shipyard, Brewer, Maine