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The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) at the New Haven Colony Historical Society
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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection

Box 19 continued, photographs

  Folder D continued, gravestone photographs
B3Benjamin Sedgwick and
Mary (Tuttle) Sedgwick
B4Judge Theodore Sedgwick
B41Elizabeth Mason (Sedgwick)
B43Frances Pamela (Sedgwick) Watson
B44Theodore Sedgwick and family
B48Robert Sedgwick and family
B49Charles Sedgwick and B4A Catherine



  Folder E "Mumbet" Elizabeth Freeman also
    B49 and B4A
B47Henry Dwight Sedgwick and family
B47,5Louise M. Sedgwick
B47,4Henry Dwight Sedgwick
B48,5Henrietta Ellery (Sedgwick)
B47,4Henry Dwight Sedgwick and his
    wife B48,5 Henrietta Ellery
    (Sedgwick) Sedgwick
B29Benjamin Sedgwick and family
B29,2Major Gen. John Sedgwick
B2C,7Judge John Sedgwick
B21,1Charles F. Sedgwick and his wife
    Betsey (Swan) Sedgwick
414,1Samuel Sedgwick and his wife
    Marien (Henry) Sedgwick
414,14George Sedgwick and his wife
    Martha (Pope) Sedgwick
414,16James Sedgwick and first wife
    Maria (Stanley) Sedgwick, also
414,164James Peck Sedgwick his son
B31Theodore Sedgwick and his wife
    Abigail (Couch) Sedgwick
319Asher Sedgwick and his wife
    Temperance Deming
319,3Temperance Sedgwick
313,2Fanny Sedgwick
313,2Elijah Hyde, Betsey (Hyde) Steel,
    and their niece Fanny Sedgwick
Duplicates of gravestone photographs with
    the "file" numbers 5036 and 5038 with
    the packet they were placed in