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The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) at the New Haven Colony Historical Society
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MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Collection

Box 2 Cardfile created by Frederick J. Sedgwick
    on the surname of Sedgwick, containing
    information on over 1500 individuals.
    Arrangement is alphabetical.


Box 3

  Folder A Handwritten genealogy, known as "R2"
    compiled by Frederick J. Sedgwick,
    with an index

  Folder B Copy of a handwritten genealogy by
    F.J.S. with an index
Notes are recorded on the reverse of the
    copies, from various printed sources
    and some interviews; includes New
    England Historical and Genealogical
    Register extracts from vol. 1-57, and
    some cemetery inscriptions

  Folder C Copy of a handwritten Genealogy by
    F.J.S., contains an index, unbound

  Folder D F.J.S. miscellaneous genealogical

  Folder E Sedgwicks mentioned in various published
    works: either listing names or
    providing biographical in:formation

  Folder F F.J.S. personal papers and newspaper
    clipping on family members

  Folder G Correspondence of F.J.S. with other
    Sedgwicks A-H

  Folder H " " " " " " Sedgwicks I-Z (57)
  Folder I " " " " " " people having surnames other
    than Sedgwick


Box 4

  Folder A Notepads of F.J.S., containg genealogical
    and non-genealogical information;
    includes Who's who in l9l4 extracts,
    addresses of Sedgwicks from various

(2 vol.)
  Folder B Notebook of F.J.S., covers the Sedgwick
    family origins, the name, coat of arms,
    and activities of the immgrant ancestor
    Robert Sedgwick (1613-1656)

(1 vol.)
  Folder C Record "no. B" of F.J.S., contains
    notes from various printed sources,
    transcriptions of letters, gravestone
    inscriptions, and other vital statistics.
    Partial index prepared by Hubert M.
    Sedgwick (1867-1950)

(1 vol.)