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WILLIAM SEDGWICK, second son [third child?] of General Robert Sedgwick and Joanna Blake his wife, was born probably in Charlestown, Mass., where he is reported to have been baptised in 1643. He is supposed to have died "of the plague" in Jamaica about 1674.

He married about 1666, Elizabeth Stone, youngest daughter of Rev. Samuel Stone and his second wife Elizabeth Allen. (See Samuel Stone in the Appendix)) After their separation and William's death, his widow married (2nd) John Roberts, of Hartford. She had one son only by each of her husbands; by the latter John Roberts, Jr.

There is very little to be learned regarding William Sedgwick. He was admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1666, probably removing to Hartford soon thereafter. He is spoken of as of Hartford as late as 1668.

Savage in his Genealogical Dictionary says; "William had probably been ruined in morals by serving in the Army of England, which is the only hint that he was in the Army.

Hinman in his "First Puritan Settlers" states that he proved to be of a roving character, and spent much of his time in passing to and from the West Indies, in the neglect of his family; his wife became dissatisfied with his absence and neglect, and petitioned the Court of Assistants (May 1673) for a bill of divorce, which the Court granted October 1, 1674. "Elizabeth Sedgwick is divorced from her husband upon her own application, provided he does not return by the first of January next."

Mr. Hinman also states that their child `was born after his father left for the West Indies the last time," but this does not agree very satisfactorily with the following taken from Goodwn's Genealogical Notes;

"Middlesex County Land Records, Vol. III, p. 383. Sep. 7, 1668, by deed of this date "William Sedgwick of Hartford in Connecticut Colony in New England, gentleman, the second sonne of Major General Robert Sedgwick, sometime of the County of Middlesex in the Massachusetts Colony, New England aforesaid," sells and conveys to Francis Willoughby of said Charlestown, all his the said William Sedgwicks right and interest in and to the estate of his said father Robert Sedgwick in Charlestown.

The following extract from Wyman's Charlestown, refers to the same or another transaction which occured about the same time. "William Sedgwick, 2nd. son of Major Robert, received of F. Willoughby, quit claim of all right in his father's estate that he bought of bro. Samuel of London (Algate) Woolen Draper, May 84, 1667. Date Sep. 7, 1668. rec. 1668-9.

The only child of William Sedgwick and Elizabeth Stone was:

1. Samuel Sedgwick, born about 1667, through whom the large American Family trace their ancestry to Major General Robert Sedgwick, the immigrant.