Letters (two) written by Ellenor Bates Perrin (1859 - aft 1899)
Transcribed by Ted Chambers NEEMSA@aol.com

Letter dated May 18, 1899
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The following letter is on three sheets of note paper from the Perrin National Bank. The pre-printed paper cites J.J. Perrin as President and J.O. Perrin as Vice President in the uppermost corners of the pages. Centered it reads "Capital $100,000" and under this W.H. Perrin, Cashier. The address in script is LaFayette, Ind. and the date is May 8, 1899.1 The handwritten letter is in an open script. It reads:

Dr. Jno. Alex. Sed(g)wick
St. Leonards

My Dear Sir,

Having been earnestly struggling to climb my family tree and hearing from Prof S.J.S. that you have succeeded in reaching the top most branches of yours which by the way sprouted in the same soil as mine namely Md - - I take the liberty of writing you to ask if you can not assist me. I send my family tree as far as I have it. I am convinced tho. I have no proof that my first Benj. was brother or cousin to (Page 2) The Joshua Sr. from Md. The g' was omitted from our name for some unknown reason, but the oldest members say it belonged in the name. So many of the names correspond. Will you kindly give me your opinion on the subject and if you know any member of your branch who might tell me of mine what you cannot will you send me the address. I shall be more than grateful.

Yours respectfully,

Ellenor Bates Perrin
4 Cason St La Fayette Ind

The third page on the same paper is a family tree:

Said To Have Come From Md,

Benj. Sed(g)wick
b. about 1740

Beside the name she writes about Benjamin: "First heard of in Shenandoah Co. Va (Now Frederic Co) - married his daughter to Thom. Noble of Laine Co 1782 -
- His wife's name was Christiana.

She then lists the children of Benjamin and Christiana horizontally (which I list vertically)


b, 1764 m. Thos. Noble 1782
went west - - 1796
d. Kentucky 1830
First Child Benj b. 1783
Had 15 children
Gov Noah Noble
Gen. James Noble
Among others


m Jennie Kent
Went West
with Elizabeth

both died young
leaving five orphans
to Eliz. care




Under John's name is the following tree
John Sedwick m. Jennie Kent
Sophia Sedwick
Simeon Sedwick
Sidney Sedwick (b.1798) m. Hervey Bates Brookville, Ind.
Mary Bates
Elizabeth Bates
Hervey Bates m Charlotte Cottcutt 2
b, 1836
Hervey Bates
b. 1858
Ellenor Bates 1 m John O. Perrin
b. 1859
Hervey Perrin
b. 1884
John Perrin
b. 1886
Salmon Sedwick
Scipio Sedwick

At the bottom of the family tree she writes:

"Do you think your branch of the Sedwicks came from Jamaica?"

1 Difficult to discern the last digit.
2 Difficult to read name. Could be "Cottcart or Cothcart
3 The correspondent

There is other correspondence between Ellenor Perrin and both John Alexander and William Alexander Sedwick, but there is no further information on what William later calls the "Indiana Branch".

Letter dated July 24, 1899
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We found another letter from Ellenor Perrin, this time to William Alexander Sedwick when he was living in Wallville, MD on July 24, 1899. Same paper, same hand. It reads:

My Dear Sir,

The photographs interested me greatly. Catherine's1 face I am familiar with as with her stories etc. She belongs to the Conn. branch -- Was a daughter of the Revolutionary Theodore,2 friend of Washington, President of the Continental Congress I believe. Any Ency. will give you sketches of both, if you are interested. The Rev. William has a fine face and was just the man such a face would indicate.

(Page 2)

He had three brothers Rev. Benj. & Rev. George Cook & a Thomas, I know nothing of - - They were all sons of Joshua Jr. and his wife Joshan Manning who were progenitors of the Ohio Branch - -

Are you interested to know that Joshan Manning was a grand daughter of Capt. Cook who sailed the world.

Your number three brings me up standing - - But I do not like giving up connundrums (sic) d____. I am going to try to solve

(Page 3)

this one. If I can succeed I shall certainly let you know, meantime accept please my heartiest thanks.

Yours Sincerely

Ellenor B. Perrin
4 Cason St.

Your great grandfather Dr. Benj. and Rev. William were cousins according to my records.
I send your photographs to Wallville.

1 Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789 - 1867), "the very first noted female writer in the United States," was of the "Connecticut Sedgwicks." Any well-read person of the 1800's would have known of her.
2 Theodore Sedgwick (1746 - 1813), her father, served in the Continental Congress, delegate to the Constitutional Convention, member first U.S Congress, later a US Senator then Speaker of the House of Representatives.