Census: Rhode Island Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1860 RI Kent Coventry 41A Sedgwick William
    Providence Smithfield 101B Sedgwick John
1870 RI Providence Cranston Twp 69B Sedgwick William
      Providence 319B Sedgwick Frank H
1900 RI Providence Providence 47A Sedgwick Stanilaus
      Burrillville 287B Sayles Napolean B
          Sedgwick Joseph
1910 RI Providence Burrillville 2-198A Sedgwick Maria
          Sedgwick Joseph
      Providence 2-27A Sedgwick John B
1920 RI Providence Burrillville 27B Sedgwick Maria
      North Providence 179B Sedgwick Joseph
        181B Sedgwick Frank
      Providence 64A Sedgwick Harold
        179B Sedgwick John B
Complete: all years through 1920
no Sedgwicks 1850 or earlier; nor in 1880
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