Census: Oregon Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1880 OR Clatsop Astoria 265A Sedwick John
1900 OR Benton Fairmont 1-199B Sedgwick Ellen M
1900 OR Curry Chetco 2-82A Sedgwick John
1900 OR Multnomah Portland 2-196B Sedgewick Mary V
        1-48A Sedgwick Nancy
1900 OR Polk Jackson 2-8B Sedgwick Mary
1910 OR Curry Chetco 2-32A Sedgwick John
1910 OR Lane Creswell 2-57B Sedgwick Clyde H
      Eugene 1-22A Sedgwick Marjorie
1910 OR Multnomah Portland 1-62A Derry George
          Sedgwick Nancy
        1-104B Sedgwick John F
1920 OR Clackamas Ardenwald 170A Sedgwick Theron E
1920 OR Curry Chetco 254B Dryden C E
          Sedgwick John
1920 OR Deschutes Redmond 244B Sedgwick George G
1920 OR Gilliam Arlington 254A Berry George A
          Sedgwick Ellen M
1920 OR Lane Creswell 103A Sedgwick Clyde H
1920 OR Marion Salem 146A Sedgewick Nancy
1920 OR Multnomah Portland 250A Sedgwick Helen F
        102A Sedgwick Elsie D
        91B Sedgwick John F
        192A Rockwood John A
          Sedgwick Adelaide
        94A Sedgwick Gerry
1930 OR Clackamas Ardenwald 8A Sedgwick Pearl A
1930 OR Deschutes Bend 102A Sedgwick Angie
1930 OR Lane Creswell 97A Sedgwick Clyde H
1930 OR Marion Englewood 166A Sedgwick Minnie J
1930 OR Multnomah Portland 71A Sedgwick Howard P
        104B Sedgwick Harold
        79A Sedgwick Helen F
        125B Sedgwick Ezra T
        126A Sedgwick Cyrus W
        204A Sedgwick Josephine
1930 OR Polk Rock Creek 289A Sedgwick Frederic

Complete through 1930
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