Census: Mississippi Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1850 MS Lauderdale Southern District 345A Sedgewick Rebecca A
1860 MS Lauderdale Marion 270 Sedgewick Zac
1870 MS Chickasaw Palo Alto 197A Sedwick Eliza
1870 MS Yazoo District 1 167B Sedwicks Dick
1900 MS Pike Beat 4 1-129 Sedgwick Lowell B
1910 MS Pike Beat 4 76B Sedgwick Lowell B
1910 MS Tallahatchie Charleston 62A Sedgwick J C
1920 MS Marion Columbia 149A Sedgwcik L B
1930 MS Marion Columbia 226A Sedgwick L B

Complete through 1930
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