Census: Louisiana Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1850 LA Iberville   347 Sedgwick Edward
1860 LA Jefferson Jefferson City 547 Hedwig Edward
1860 LA Orleans New Orleans 10 940 Sedwick Earnest
      New Orleans 11 899 Sedgwick Jane
1870 LA Orleans New Orleans 8 657 Sedwick J
1880 LA Orleans New Orleans 65C Sedgwick Theophile
1900 LA Orleans New Orleans 1-248A Sedwick Theophile
1910 LA Caddo Jewella 1-85B Sedgwick? Spero?
1910 LA St Landry Ward 5 1-118A Sexton Joseph
          Sedgwick Frank T
1920 LA St Landry Opelousas 123A Sedgwick Jack
        132A Sexton Joseph
      Washington 230B Sedgwick Frank
1930 LA St. Landry Opelousas 7A Sexton Joseph
        30A Sedwick Joe
      Washington 204A Sedgwick Frank

Complete through 1930
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