Census: Kentucky Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1840 KY Bourbon Paris 304 Sedwick George C
1850 KY Casey District 1 358 Sedrick Stephen
1850 KY Fleming Flemingsburg 256 Sedgewick Thomas
1850 KY Jefferson Louisville 1 87/88 Sudgwick Lucinda
1850 KY Woodford District 1 433B Sidgwick John
1860 KY Harrison Cynthiana 570 Sedwick Rev B F
1860 KY Jefferson Louisville 8 868 Sedgewick Thomas
1860 KY McCracken Paducah 2 913 Sedwick G W
1870 KY Allen Butlersville 199A Lamb Enoch
1870 KY Campbell Highland 273A Sedwick Benj
      Newport pg 17 1-298A Sedgwick M
1870 KY Jefferson Louisville 7 16B Sedgwick L T
      Louisville 11 428B Sedgewick Lucinda
1880 KY Campbell Newport 4C Sedgwick Mathew
1880 KY Harrison Cynthiana 35D Sedwick Benjamin F
1900 KY Allen Butlersville 222A Lamb Enoch J
          Lamb Enoch
1900 KY Campbell Newport 2-106B Sedgwick Harry
1900 KY Graves Mayfield 1-215A Sedgwick Vernon A
1900 KY Harrison Cynthiana 107A Sedgwick Manerva
1900 KY Jefferson Louisville 223A Brucker James
1910 KY Jefferson Louisville 291B Brucker Rosa S
1920 KY Jefferson Louisville 119B Brucker Rose
1930 KY Jefferson Louisville 98A Brucker Rose S

Complete: through 1860
1900: have those indexed as Sedgwick but there are Sedgwick's indexed Ledwick
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