Census: Kansas Census Records for Sedgwicks

Year State County District Page Surname Name
1860 KS Araphoe South Park 753 Sedgwick H C
      Platte Valley 806 Sedgwick O S
1860 KS Breckenridge Emporia 552 Frederick G W
1870 KS Douglas Kanwaka Twp 272B Sedgwick Martin
1870 KS Lyon Emporia 213A Fredrick George W
        222A Sedgwick T M
1870 KS Pottawatomie St Marys Twp 452 Sedgwick O Leroy
1880 KS Franklin Ottowa 134D Sedgwick Alfred C
1880 KS Lyon Emporia 189D Sedgwick Thomas N
1880 KS Osage Agency Twp 27A Sedgwick Christine
1880 KS Shawnee Rossville 265D Sedgwick O Leroy
1900 KS Leavenworth Leavenworth 1-242A Patterson Ed
1900 KS Labette Parsons 1-247B Sedgwick Thomas
1900 KS Lyon Center Twp 39A Sedgwick King S
      Emporia 2-94B White Homer H
          Sedgwick Polly
1900 KS Wyandotte Kansas City 92A Sedgwick Ed
1910 KS Lyon Emporia 2-93B Sedgewick Marie
1910 KS Wyandotte Kansas City 1-179B Sedgwick Clarence
1920 KS Wyandotte Kansas City 92B Sedgwick Edward
Complete: through 1860
no Sedgwicks before 1860
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