1870 Illinois Sangamon census records

1870 Census Illinois, Sangamon, Springfield, Film M593-282 page 399B

enumerated 28 June 1870, extracted 7/31/2001 by Dennis G Sedgwick at LDS FHC LA

Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Pers Est Birthplace Foreign
21 892 931 Sedgwick Jason H 57 M W Labor     Connecticut    
      Sedgwick Esther 53 F W Keeping House     New York    
      Sedgwick Frederick 34 M W Painter     Ohio    
      Sedgwick Ellen 15 F W       Illinois    
      Sedgwick Katy 11 F W       Illinois    
      Sedgwick Nellie 9 F W       Illinois    
      McDonald Archie 26 M W Horse Trainer     Canada    
      McDonald Sarah 22 F W       Illinois    
      Lorry Thomas 30 M W Conductor RR     Pennsylvania    
      Sedgwick Fannie 81 F W       Connecticut    
      Giddings Jerusha 21 F W       Wisconsin    
Jason Harris Sedgwick (53321) and wife Esther (Tyler) Sedgwick
appears also 1850IL La Salle, 1860 IL Sangamon
Fanny (Churchill) Sedgwick, his mother, widow of Zenas Brace Sedgwick (5332).
appears also 1850 CT Hartford, 1860 CT Hartford, 1880 CT Hartford

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