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Note: The Bible at hand is currently in the possession of Mrs. Alice Jean Bane (the former Mrs. Harold Sedwick) of Sedwick's Mills, Allegheny Twp., Butler Co., PA. Harold Sedwick was a descendant of George F. Sedwick's oldest sibling, Thomas Benjamin Sedwick. Several of the entries are in very florid script and have the initials "G.F.S" in their margins. A comparison of George Fletcher Sedwick's signature as found on his army enlistment papers (N.A.) with the writing mentioned above, shows that indeed, George F. Sedwick made these entries. That he owned such a Bible is confirmed in the pension records (Affidavit of Thomas Fletcher and John Kelly, 4 May 1868 and of Robert Storey, 1 May 1868) which refer to "the family bible of the said George F. Sedwick kept in the hand writing of the said George F. Sedwick." Comparison with the signature of William T. Sedwick as found in the pension records, suggests that he made some of the entries. It seems possible that the entries had been begun by William T. Sedwick and then handed on to his eldest son, George Fletcher Sedwick. Entries and notations seem to have been added over the years in various hands.

Regarding the book:

Front cover states, "Holy Bible"
Title page and front pages are missing.
Text begins at page 47.
Back cover is missing.

The Bible has several illustrations:
Following page 296, "Nathan and David" - "Painted by B. West and engraved by William D. Smith."
Following page 334, "Elijah raising the widow's son" - "R. Westall Del. and William D. Smith. S.c."
Following page 746, "Daniel interpreting the writing on the wall" "West and Smith"

Contains the Apocrypha.

Family records appear between the Apocrypha and the New Testament. The New Testament ends at page 253.

After matter:
The discourses, parables and miracles of Jesus arranged in chronological order.
Contents of the Books of the New Testament.
A Chronology of the Holy Bible.
Account of the dates or time of writing of the Books of the New testament
A table of time.
A guide to the regular perusal of the Holy Scripture by William Stones.
Barr's Complete Index and Concise Dictionary of the Holy Bible [etc.]
[end pages missing]

The ink:
Blue ink: Pain Marriage, Patterson Marriage and William George Sedwick birth, "rote in the above . . . " and "Eliza Fletcher converted 1825 . . . "
The remaining entries are in sepia ink.

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