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Catherine Melissa Gold, 11th child of Benjamin Gold (B13) and Eleanor (Johnson) Gold, was born June 4, 1803, and died May 6, 1888, at Flint, Mich. She married December 25, 1825, John B. Lovell, who died in October 1851. Children (Lovell):

1. Almira, b. October 4, 1826. (B13,B1)

2. Sarah Hopkins, b. November 19, 1828. (B13,B2)

3. Clarissa Maria, b. March 19, 1830. (B13,B3)

4. Henry Row, b. May 30, 1831 (B13,B4); had a daughter, Harriet A., who d. 1895, at Marash, Turkey, where she was a teacher in a mission school. (B13,B41)

5. Lucy Eleanor, b. September 15, 1832. (B13,B5)

6. Mary Wakeman, b. May 22, 1834. (B13,B6)

7. Frances Gold, b. March 4, 1836. (B13,B7)

8. Helen Catherine, b. May 23, 1839; m. Capt. Putnam. (B13,B8)

9. Laura Gurdon, b. September 2, 1841. (B13,B9)

Harriet Ruggles Gold, 12th child of Deacon Benjamin Gold (B13) and Eleanor (Johnson) Gold, was born June 10, 1805, and died August 15, 1836. She was the central figure in, apparently, the first community outbreak over the social equality of the American Indian. Her marriage March 28, 1826, to Elias Boudinot (Boudinott) a Cherokee Indian student at the Foreign Mission School, established at Cornwall, Conn., her home, for the education under Christian home missionary auspices of foreign youth to fit them to become "missionaries, schoolmasters, interpreters, and physicians among heathen nations," occurred only after two years of bitter squabbling in the community over her determined effort to wed and join that student in preaching to and serving the Cherokee nation. He had graduated from Andover Theological School before going to Cornwall to study. Harriet's elder brother, Stephen Gold, (B13,A), led a mob at Cornwall that burned in effigy his own sister and Boudinott. Gen. Daniel B. Brinsmade, ancestor of many Sedgwick descendants and husband of Mary W. Gold (B13,6), another sister of Harriet and member of the Agents of the School, demanded that the wedding be stopped and called Harriet "crafty"

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