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A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635

a manuscript by Francis Morris Sedgwick (1972 - 1939)
perepared 1934, typewritten only, with an unknown number of carbon copies

Samuel Sedgwick (1667 - 1734/35) was a grandson of Major General Robert Sedgwick of Massachusetts. His mother was Elizabeth Stone, the daughter of the Reverend Samuel Stone, one of the original settlers of Hartford, Connecticut.

Samuel inherited from his grandmother Stone a sum sizeable enough to buy a farm at West Hartford, Connecticut. He married Mary Hopkins and they had eleven children.*

Francis Morris Sedgwick documented in this manuscript the descendants of Samuel Sedgwick and Mary Hopkins to the extent of the knowledge that he and Hubert Merrill Sedgwick held in 1934.

This manuscript was typewritten with carbon copiess. Francis sent one set of the carbons to his brother Claude B. Sedgwick in Redlands, California. Somehow, 65 years later, that copy has found its way into the LDS Family History Library in Los Angeles. I found it there, copied it and scanned it for inclusion here at, and also made a name index for it,

By 1939 when Francis died and 1950 when Hubert died, they had learned a lot more about the descendants of Samuel and Mary. The final state of that knowledge is held in the New Haven Colony Historical Society's Sedgwick Collection MSS-B46. The latest working version of the manuscript is in Box 6.

* Note that Goodwin listed twelve children in his "Genealogical Notes," and that list has been copied in many places, but all the major genealogists of this family have agreed that there were only eleven. See page 6 and NHCHS Sedgwick Collection Box 6 Folder D Sheet 5.

Links to the sections of the book:
Title Page title
Cover Letter i
Samuel Sedgwick ancestry & children 1
Descendants of Samuel Jr. (1) 3
Descendants of Jonathan (2) 5
Descendants of Ebenezer(3) 24
Descendants of Joseph (4)
Descendants of Samuel (41)
Descendants of Gordon (411)
Descendants of Samuel (414)
Descendants of Titus (418)
Descendants of Ebenezer (419)
Descendants of Ruth (41A)
Descendants of Rhoda (41B)
Descendants of Elijah (41C)
Descendants of Noah (41D)
Descendants of Stephen (5) 104
Descendants of Abigail (6) 111
Descendants of Mary (7) 111
Descendants of Elizabeth (8) 111
Descendants of Mercy (A) 112
Descendants of Benjamin (B)
Descendants of Sarah (B1)
Descendants of John (B2)
Descendants of Benjamin (B3)
Descendants of Theodore (B4)
Descendants of Mary Ann (B5)
Descendants of Lorain (B6)
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