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Family Record: The Descendants of Gordon Sedgwick
Who Settled in Palmer, Mass. about 1790

a pamphlet by Hubert M. Sedgwick

Gordon Sedgwick (1748 - 1838) was a descendant of Major General Robert Sedgwick of Massachusetts. He was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, moved with his parents to Tyringham and Westfield, Massachusetts.

In the 1780's when all his brothers were moving west to New York, Gordon did the unthinkable, he moved east to Palmer, Massachusetts. He was there in the 1790 census, his descendants were still there in the early 1900's, and there still may be some there.

Hubert Merrill Sedgwick (1867 - 1950) was one of the four great genealogists of the Robert Sedgwick family. This pamphlet was his first work. It's entire contents became part of Francis Morris Sedgwick's 1934 Manuscript A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635, which in turn is part of the later unpublished manuscript in box 6 of the New Haven Colony Historical Society Sedgwick Collection and is therefore an important contribution to the work of the Sedgwick genealogy.

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Title Page, Author's Note title | ii
The Founding of the Family, Children of Gordon 1 | 2
Aaron, Son of Gordon Sedgwick 2 | 3 | 4
Family of Martin Sedgwick 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Joseph Sedgwick's Descendants 9
Family of John Sedgwick 10
Descendants of Harvey Sedgwick 11
Sketch of Deacon Gordon Sedgwick 12 | 13
Relation to Other Branches of the Family 14
Derivation of the Name Sedgwick 15
Supplement 1 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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