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John Sedwick Journal
1820 Maryland to Indiana Move

John Sedwick (1775 - 1849)
March 1 - April 7, 1820

John Sedwick (1775 - 1849), husband of Elizabeth Rawlings, moved from Calvert County, Maryland to Elletsville, Monroe County, Indiana in 1820. They left on March 1, 1820 and traveled by ship upriver, wagon train overland and a boat down the Ohio River. They arrived at Ellettsville on April 6. John kept a journal of the journey, making daily entries; the final entry was on April 7.

In 1987 the original diary was "in the hands of descendants of Sarah Rawlings Sedwick ... who married Ransom W Akin, and their son, Joseph Akin had copies made for other Sedwick descendants.1"

Also according to Margaret Sedwick's manuscript, the following 11 people made the trip:

John Sedwick and Elizabeth Rawlings and their children:
    Eloisa Sedwick Mills, daughter and her husband John Mills
    Rebecca Prezella Sedwick, daughter
    Mary Ann Scott Sedwick, daughter
    John James Sedwick, son
    Sarah Rawlings Sedwick, daughter
Dr. Benjamin Sedwick (John's brother)
Mr. Daniel Rawlings, apparently John Sedwick's father-in-law

1. "The Sedwick Family of Indiana" handwritten manuscript by Margaret E Sedwick, 1987, copy in possession of B. K. Nelson, who typed a transcription in March, 2000. K sent a copy of the transcription to me, available in the files.

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