A Noble/Canby genealogy: George Thomas and Louisa (Canby) Noble
and some of their relatives, Sedwick, Clare, Wade, Taylor, Hough, Pierpont

manuscript by Joan Knox Ritchey, 1985: 128 pages, updated 1994: 334 pages

known copies at:
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1985 edition)
LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Thanks to Benjamin K Nelson ("K") for this extract of data from the 19894 edition:
Note: parenthetical info on birth datses and locations is K's guess

I. Thomas Sedgwick
will proven 28 Jan 1689, Calvert County, Maryland
m. Elizabeth
Children (likely all born in Calvert County, Maryland in ~1670s):
1. *Joshua
2. Elisha
3. Joseph
4. Rachel
5. Priscilla
6. Rebecca
II. Joshua Sedgwick
b. 1671 Calvert County, Maryland;
will proven 3 Nov 1733, Calvert County, Maryland
m. Elizabeth
Children (likely all born in Calvert County, Maryland ~1700):
1. *Benjamin
2. Joshua
3. Grace (married John Grover or Groner)
4. **Dorcas (married Thomas Johnson)
5. Rachel (married Robert Day)
6. Rebecca (married William Day)
7. Eliza
8. Chaney
**Dorcas & Thomas had a son named Thomas Johnson, who became Maryland's first governor. They had another son named Joshua Johnson, who served as U.S. Consulate General in London from 1785-1799; Joshua and his wife had a daughter, Lousa Catherine Johnson, who married John Quincy Adams - later president of the U.S.
III. Benjamin Sedgwick
will proven 5 Aug 1745, Calvert County, Maryland
m. Betty (possibly his second marriage)
Children (likely all born in Calvert County, Maryland ~ 1730s):
1. *Benjamin
2. Mary
3. Betty
4. Ann
IV. Benjamin Sedgwick
will proven 2 Sep 1783, Frederick County, Virginia
m. Christiana Clare daughter of John & Betty Clare [John died 1756 in Calvert County, Maryland],
Children (likely born in Calvert County, Maryland or Frederick County, Virginia ~1750s-60s):
1. *James
2. John
3. **Elizabeth Clare
4. Christiana Mary (married Mr. McKewan)
5. Hannah Ann
6. Martha (married Mr. Willis)
**Elizabeth married (13 June 1782) Thomas Noble, who died in 1817 in Boone County, Kentucky
V. James
will proven 1790, Frederick County, Virginia
No details are given, but a family bible was passed down as follows:

1. John Edward & Elizabeth Rawlins Sedgwick
On April 6, 1820 they left Calvert County, Maryland via boat and wagon train
and settled in Ellettsville, Monroe, Indiana
2. Dr. John James & Matilda Archer Sedgwick
3. John Edward Rawlins Sedgwick
4. James Benjamin Sedgwick Jr.
5. James Benjamin Sedgwick III