Nancy Sedgwick  [Thomas Sedgwick / Ann Unknown]
b. October 28, 1785, Greene County, Pennsylvania1,8
d. September 4, 1856, Charmichael, Greene, Pennsylvania8
m. James Stone4

James Stone3  [parents unknown]
b. unknown
d. bef 18401

Census records:

1840 PA Greene, Monongahela Twp
1850 PA Greene, Monongahela Twp


Elizabeth Stone
  b. abt 1806, Charmichaels, Greene, Pennsylvania1,8
  d. November 12, 1885, Charmichaels, Greene, Pennsylvania8
Elias Stone
  b. September 22, 1808, Greensboro, Greene, Pennsylvania4,8
  d. Nov 22, 1872, Greene County, Pennsylvania8
  m1 March 21, 1833, Greene County, Pennsylvania, Mary Huston7
  m2 June 9, 1853, Greene County, Pennsylvania, Mary A (Craig) Stone7
Unknown Son
  b 1810-1820, Greene County, Pennsylvania1
Unknown Daughter
  b 1810-1820, Greene County, Pennsylvania1
Unknown Daughter
  b 1810-1820, Greene County, Pennsylvania1
Unknown Daughter
  b 1810-1820, Greene County, Pennsylvania1
Rebecca Stone
  b. abt 1819, Greene County, Pennsylvania1,8
  d. April 13, 1894, Greene County, Pennsylvania8
Nancy Stone
  b. June 12, 1824?, Greene County, Pennsylvania8
  d. October 12, 1850?, Greene County, Pennsylvania8
  Is his the right Nancy Stone?
Bates' History of Greene County Pennsylvania says there were eight children4

Trying to compile this faily fromt he records is fraught with peril, as they used the same few names over and over. For instance, at the 1850 census there were three Nancy Stones living in the same home. I see other dates for Rebecca and Nancy in Ancestry user trees; for instance, they all have Rebecca as younger than Nancy, but in the 1850 census, Rebecca is clearly stated as older than Nancy, and that age is supported by the cemetery transcriptions, assuming that it's the right Nancy.

According to a "Stone Family Tree" at
  James Stone and Nancy Sedgwick were married
  at Glades Church, Carmichaels, Greene County, PA.
  James "had an estate Probated on May 9 1825."
  Nancy was born 1785 and died 1856.
  She was buried at Glades Church.
  His parents: Elias M Stone 1740 1823 and Elizabeth "Betsy" Baldwin 1747 1830.
  Their children:   Mary Stone
  Priscilla Stone
  Elias Stone 1808 1872
  Thomas Stone 1810 1879
  Elizabeth Stone 1811 1885
  Lydia Stone 1814 1881
  Nancy Stone 1816 1868
  Rebecca Stone 1820 1894

That same "Stone Family Tree" had an attachment that read like this:
14. JAMES STONE3 died in 1825.3 He had an estate probated on 9 May 1825.5 He was married to NANCY SEDGEWICK.3 NANCY SEDGEWICK3 was born about 1786.3 She died on 4 Sep 1856.3,4 She was buried 0 SEP 1856 in GLADES CHURCH CEMETERY, CARMICHAELS, PA.4 70 YEARS, 10 MONTHS OF AGE AT DEATH
JAMES STONE and NANCY SEDGEWICK had the following children:
  +29 i. MARY STONE.
  +30 ii. ELIAS STONE.
  +31 iii. THOMAS STONE.
  32 iv. ELIZABETH STONE was born in 1811. She died on 12 Nov 1885.
  +34 vi. LYDIA STONE.
  35 vii. NANCY STONE was born in 1816. She died on 24 Aug 1868.
  36 viii. REBECCA STONE was born in 1820. She died on 13 Apr 1894.

Note that at the 1850 census, Elizabeth is shown as older than Elias. If that is true and he was born 1808, she was older than 37 in 1850.

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