Chaney Sedwick, daughter of Joshua Sedwick (1671 - abt 1733) of Calvert County, Maryland, is shown in most genealogies, including here at at the time of this writing (Nov 19, 2000), as being the wife of John Brady and the mother of his son John Brady, the grandson of Joshua Sedwick.

Joan Knox, author of A Noble/Canby Genealogy, an excerpt from which appears here at, has pointed out that this cannot be so.

Joshua Sedwick's will 1 was written 23 Feb 1731/2 and proven 3 Nov 1733. The will reads, "..Eliz' Chaney Sedwick, not yet Marryed and John Bradey, eldest Son of John Bradey my Grandson."

As Joan points out, if John the grandson was already born, and Eliza Chaney was not yet married, then John Brady must have been married to one of Eliza Chaney's sisters.

"[The] will says Chaney 'not yet Marryed' and then includes bequest to 'John Bradey, eldest Son of John Bradey my Grandson.' Thus what daughter married John Brady and produced grandson John Bradey (however spelled!), it was not Chaney. Possibly in due course she may have married him, but it was another daughter of Joshua who must have been the producer of Joshua's grandson John Bradey.

"I do have a correction for one of the children of Joshua Sedwick who d between 1731/2 and 3 Nov 1733. Chaney Sedwick is shown as the wife of John Brady - and she may have been in due course. But she was not his first wife."

What do you think?

-Dennis Sedgwick


1. Will of Joshua Sedwick
Maryland, Calvert County, Hall of Records, Perogative Ct (Wills) 20, pp 823-825
Photocopy in possession of Joan Knox.