Sarah Sedgwick, sister of Robert Sedgwick
b. abt 1631
d. abt JAN 2 1704/05, Boston, Massachusetts
m. John LEVERETT 9 Sep 1647[18], Louisham, Kent, England

It has become a matter of common knowledge that John Leverett, later the governor of Massachusetts, married Sarah Sedgwick. it has commonly been reported, including by Goodwin in his Genealogical Notes, that this Sarah Sedgwick must be a daughter of Major General Roberl Sedgwick. She was not, she was his sister.

Governor Leverett's entry in his family Bible states

"9th September 1647 marryed Sarah daughter to Mrs Elizabeth Sedgwick ye widow of Mr William Sedgwicke married at Louisha in Kent at ye house of hir brother Mr Robert Houghton."
A reproduction in heliotype of the original entries in Governor Leverett's handwriting appeared in the privately published (1897) "Ancestry of Descendants of Richard Saltonstall", opposite page 150.* Hubert Merrill Sedgwick noted this in NHCHS MSS-B46 Box 6 Folder B sheet 17. Freda Lightfoot of the UK has sent the following pages from a reprint of the book. Unfortunately the reprint does not contain the image of the original pages, but I think this should be accepted as evidence enough to clarify which Sarah Sedgwick married John Leverett.

* A daughter of John Leverett and his first wife Margaret Rogers married a Saltonstall, and a great-granddaughter of John Leverett and Sarah Sedgwick married a Saltonstall.

I have been sent a copy of the heliotype, but was unable to get a readable scan from it
(handwritten page -> heliotype -> book print -> Xerox machine -> scan = good luck!)