Robert SEDGWICK / Joanna BLAKE

Husband: Robert SEDGWICK

Born: 1613at: Woburn, Bedfordshire, England
Married: 6 Jan 1635[9457] at: Andover, Hampshire, England
Died: 24 May 1656at: Jamaica, West Indies
Father: William SEDGWICK
Mother: Elizabeth HOWE
Spouses: Joanna BLAKE
Notes: [NI0156]

Wife: Joanna BLAKE

Born: 1617at: of Andover, England
Died: at:
Father: William BLAKE
Mother: Dorothy UNKNOWN
Spouses: Robert SEDGWICK


Name: Samuel SEDGWICK [NI0159]
Born: BEF 31 Mar 1639at: Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: ABT 18 Feb 1666[9586] at: Stepney or Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Died: BEF 1 Dec 1683[100] at: England
Spouses: Elizabeth HARWOOD

Name: Hannah SEDGWICK
Born: ABT 14 Mar 1640at: Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: at:

Name: William SEDGWICK [NI0155]
Born: 1643at: Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 1665at: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Died: 1674at: Jamaica, West Indies
Spouses: Elizabeth STONE

Name: Robert SEDGWICK [NI0161]
Born: ABT 1651[102] at: prob Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 1676[9459] at: Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Died: BEF 26 Apr 1683[103] at: on voyage Jamaica to England
Spouses: Sarah UNKNOWN

Name: Child SEDGWICK
Born: at:
Died: at:


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